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That's the number to call check in with the radio from hell show just let us know your okay okay but yeah it's it's snowing this morning that's causing some issues they're doing actually doing avalanche control at the mouth of little cottonwood canyon the king is going to be closed until eight AM but you better not be going up there anyway I actually saw some avalanche mitigation people talking saying please don't think you're gonna sneak up and go go skiing because there's snow up there because you could get hurt and then you're taking first responder resources away from other people that need them so don't do that and and and stand by for a voter candidate okay others a power outage a rocky mountain power's working to restore power to over four hundred customers that's up near to will and Morgan that should be causing some issues with traffic as well we've also got a crash northbound I. two fifteen east at sixty second south in holiday the center lane is blocked and a crash northbound Bangerter highway and westbound SR two oh one in Salt Lake if you see something you want to share you can text it to us three three nine eight six okay thank you Gino Volkswagen Southtown yet maybe thought about getting a new Volkswagen maybe you've heard me talking about the one that Festus and I've been driving most recently that's the twenty twenty to one you're interested in it you'd like to know more well Volkswagen Southtown can now do everything online even the final paperwork if you purchase a take one or any of the cars they have a Volkswagen Southtown they make virtual car buying a reality they do a walk around of the car you can watch your right on your phone or your computer I can show you all the features and take your little tour if you want to test drive the car they will bring it to your house the wipe it down before and after for a demonstration you can test drive it and then they'll take it back and.

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