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The other five billion are is he full steam ahead or are we moving forward right now with that five billion? Absolutely. So there's basically three buckets there's the about one point four billion that was passed by congress. Then there is a further about three point one billion that the president was able to revoke program under a statutory authority. Then there's the three point one that was under the national emergency now under the lawsuit, and what congress is is unfairly trying to pass a resolution on. It's just that three point one the rest of the funding is ready to go. We're trying to establish where will we spent? All right. And Finally, I mean, I know that you can't really predict things or anything, but you guys in the White House you'll have conversations about this. So you're talking in the lunchroom and stuff. Who do you who do you want to get the nomination for the Democrats who who who do you think the president would like to face now on? I know you guys are like, you know, you gotta do you have an office pool going on it. The great thing about this president is that when it comes to campaigning. I don't think there's anybody better than I don't think that he's too concerned about any of the current crop of Democrats or anybody who could possibly join the field. This is a guy who defeated all the all the other Republicans and Democrats last time around, and I think he feels confident that any of the void seems like twenty or more Democrats would also. All right. We'll leave it there. Adam Kennedy well done through. Thank you for joining us, deputies deputy director communications of the White House. And we got a lot of ground covered there between North Korea Venezuela and the current fight in congress over the border. It is three forty nine. Now, let's chicken with Rodriguez de.

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