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To you by linking of Westmont visit them at love my Lincoln dot com the first key to this game is the return of my partner Joe a buyer back from a little time on the injured reserve list but you look good how you feel you're not as I said I'm not moving that way but my mouse still moves that's the only thing that's really important for this price out for replacement no I'm still I'm still good with that all right so the Wildcats call the hold now it's good to have you back Joe the Wildcats come home really feeling Gasper to get a win I mean it's been so long now since they beat Nebraska here that was back on the eleventh of January they've lost its top games along the way Chris Collins not they played well the other night at Maryland against the team that right now looks like you're going to win the regular season big ten championship at least there at the driver's seat that standpoint but but the wins haven't come off and and you're starting to run out of time here to get one yeah you really are you know when you look at the statistics Minnesota northwestern can't even the difference is a problem because they have a finisher Marcus Carr and they have to start the tour so those are the two differences that northwestern is going to have to overcome overcome it shoots the ball from threes which they've been doing a little bit you keep battling and help out young on the inside right the other night seventeen points eight rebounds in the loss to Maryland but kind of held his ground there against Jaylen Smith he'll be tested against today by to rebut that was his best game in big ten play so far this year and you've still got the one two punch with Johnny Jerry Jones coming off the bench he's played better in the second half of the season he really has it who would just when he starts to maybe have a bad game that young steps up kind of nice if both of you have a good day on the same day and they may need it to to guard this young man sure yep against Daniel to rule who is the big ten's leading rebounder second leading scorer charity straight for soldiers raises money and awareness for project hero cycling based therapy that helps veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD a special thanks to presenting sponsor Evanston Subaru in Skokie for donating.

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