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Boston. Tossed up the question there on my Facebook page at Todd Jeffries, the first concert you ever went to name the band and the venue real quick Chicago Nashville auditorium, Chicago. That's a good one. For me. I think I was thirteen. It would have been chipped cheap. Trick at six flags that is a solid start people. Posting their comments there on my Facebook page Jarrai's, hey after a year and a half awaiting its fate this four hundred fifty million dollar US. What did he three north toll road project in northwest? Austin could move into the final phase of design and then construction of the next year, the Texas transportation commission the governing board for the State Department of transportation is slated to approve a project development agreement and adding proposed tolling lanes to the state highway system at its January thirty first meeting. Yeah. My colleague in Stein is the executive director for the central Texas regional mobility authority. They oversee the toll road projects, and he said. These steps necessary to resume the planning of the project four total lanes. Two in each direction will be added to US what Eighty-three between mo- pack and six twenty construction is expected to begin in the spring of twenty twenty and we'll take maybe four years to complete which means twelve years to Lincoln transportation terms now after receiving approval on this agreement. He said the mobility authority will be able to select a general contractor design and build this project. Now, the design build process is similar to the mo- pack tolling express lane.

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