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Cape Cod Massachusetts I'm Jim Metzner this is the pulse of the planet if you imagine Cape Cod as an arm we're right between the elbow and the biceps on the Brewster flash shoreline facing north low tide and we're listening to clamber Alex Carlson sorting through a wire mesh cage that holds about fifteen hundred young co hogs these guys are a year and a half old and I'm just sorting through them taking out some crabs and sizing him and then I'm gonna put it back into into large mesh cage so that the whole fleet a little bit faster what I have in my hand is about the size of my thumbnail Hey this is probably about a year and a half old in their relatively round in shape and they have ridges on them if you were to scrape the fingernail on them those are those are the growth rings and and much like a tree it leaves out leaves a ridge at the end of its growing spurs and and you can tell I just old call ideas by by by the deep bridges in and this heavy region there is is what we would call a I guess a yearly rang this time of year mature coal hogs release their sperm and eggs into the warm waters of Cape Cod the fertilized eggs become microscopic largely floating in the water well it starts to grow shells just about twelve to fourteen days after Chris Brown a fertilized the show just starts to grow actually while they're still floating around and becomes actually having enough to carry them down to the bottom.

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