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And the ad council mbeki treatable ypc mobile news all the level of the co partly cloudy seventy degrees right now in downtown indianapolis amac handler here's what's trending at one three it's been five months since the bodies of libya german abby willing for found in delphi indiana state police brought in over one thousand people for questioning but so far noone has been charged in there deaths tonight a benefit concert will be held in kokomo proceeds go towards the construction of a new park delphi they'll be need an honor of the girls for more information on the concert or how you can donate just had to wibc dot com well the trump administration has a new has named new us attorneys for the state's northern rian southern districts interim southern indiana us attorney josh main cler who has served in that capacity since 2015 has been given the full duty to that region while gentleman assistant us attorney for the common atorics has been appointed to the north main clerking priebke worked twenty one years as assistant us attorney for southern indiana served as assistant us attorney for northern indiana from two thousand one or two thousand eight kirk darling 93 wibc mobile news a new home for the indiana transportation museum lays a foundation for what could be train service between indie in central northern indiana i'm eric bergman the museum operates its own trains and will now have a hub it logan's port mayor dave kichlu's search snell madeleine piece missing decree to direct linked to commute indy from north central dijana deals will you will were that the word affect the museums legal battles hamilton county they were could were of the annual state fair trade eric bourbon 93 wid seed mobile new cinema candor on the level on the go and on twitter at 93 wibc and wibc dot com now here's the forecast from the american.

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