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Yeah not underestimate the power play station beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond you didn't say they last week i got scolded wasn't even the show the show's lord times everybody welcome to be on episode thirty five we're not saying it ever again we're that's the last time we've ever said beyond on the show beyond again did it jokes on me my name is max scoville i'm joined today by brian altana beyond jonathan george bush and mardi sleeve friendship wagon the friendship wag the trailer the trailers are all hitched together with some sort of sturdy rope in these boys are off on a nice oregon trail of fun and companionship i extremely tired i was on vacation and i'm jetlagged and i think i'm sick but i'm gonna do my best to power through this we've got all sorts of hot exciting news from the realm of video games first and foremost a bloodborne ratchet and clank are free and playstation plus this month go play them please both very awesome games hopefully you don't play them like really back to back because they're totally just yeah we can talk about that in a second there's some delays which are not not great their promotions which are good for the people being promoted and departures which really could go either way we're gonna talk about the hit playstation game publisher valve which is their stuff with games let's talk about bloodborne and ratchet clank i yeah i feel bad because we didn't talk about last week and really should have because i was excited on the fact that too in my opinion two of the best ps four exclusive slash games of this generation are free i agree lineup rationing crank is a great game do we have anything else about its anyone have anything.

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