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Yeah that he being my favorite guy which is the 80s guy plays the keyboard and in the strain shared there all right sailors turnofthe century in the the sleeves long and shirts with the blazers chuong income up to expose spindly arms no no no guy had guns in an '80s ban but they always slide that the boy you could not get more than his mania now let's see here i think she married john mcenroe the that that patti smith the ask there's another patty there's a patti smyth there this is the way it mcenroe this sort of married bracket row i think they're still married are they were a sham even after tatum o'neill by the way ever get free at dusk on this on the merits mcenroe yeah you're running wow i didn't realize that was that all know of course mcenroe would be mary to the pop singer nana the peng pioneer brian yup all right uh podcasting master class that the irvine improv august fifth come on ounce say hi man will be there all day learn everything you need to know about podcasting live i'll be there for over here the crews ed go go to know safe spaces dot com and the check it out in dennis prager doing a project air good and grow that com for any thing in aid andy s parker asked me to please plug we just open some new balcony rooms and there were a lot of fans asking we'd sold out balcony rooms but something has changed in carnival has opened a few more so get on that very quickly travel by parker dot com end now with all the fans across bridie known we're going to break down the game film all right so this could amc rodakova do it and uh until the extent that qualifer dave damage shek save baja.

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