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Yeah because they can't because the problem is the goal is to is to house people and i mean where where did it become everyone else's responsibility to how somebody you know it doesn't make i mean every event you know it's always a good reason for the children are for the families and it's always one more reason that they need to tap into everybody else's paycheck and and come up with a really good reason they can't just come up and say why one thirty percent of your income just because because a one point or another history very early on we tried socialism you know what these covered was this is when the the founders were still getting here no the people came over and the votes initially is that if you didn't actually tell people you don't eat if you don't work then everybody would sit around and not do anything and they were just eat what everybody else had done and we seem to be going back to try that all over again and say oh don't worry about we'll put you move section eight housing into really nice parts of of this country and in our case really are parts of baltimore county or the other surrounding counties around baltimore city just because we think it's a social good to do this without any definable goals beyond it's a social good to do this because bigger bigger than section eight they really need to look at the whole system to disincentivize all these things that there's advising but on a good note i heard on the weekend you can't buy steamed crabs with food stamps anymore you can buy live crabs with food stamps but you can't buy the steamed crabs.

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