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Today. I'm sweet time for our daily global survey where we're take a quick look at what's happening around the world. Join me in the studio is my colleague, Patrick Flannery tonight. We begin in Asia a mother and her children died in menstruation hut. In the poll where women are banned from their homes during menstrual periods. Cambodian man will serve three years in jail after he insulted the king on Facebook in Oceania. Australian police charged a man for sending forty hazardous packages. Diplomatic embassies and consulates farmer splaine pollution, thousands of debt fish found floating on a New South Wales. River in Africa police sedan used tear gas to break up groups protesting the president's thirty year rule Kenyan schools will teach Chinese to young students beginning next year in hopes of improving ties between the countries turning to Middle East. The European Union is punishing Iran over allegedly ordering it's intelligence agency to plot. Assassinations in Europe. Facebook says expects a wave of fake news out of India. Ahead of the country's general elections this spring, and we hire more staff there in Europe, the Norwegian airplane forced to land in Iran leap last month because of a technical error remains stuck there because US thank shins have affected. It's timely repair in the forty-nine migrants. Recently refused. Entry to European ports. Have all been picked up by rescue ships in Malta elected, America. Mexico's new president is asking citizens to watch out for people stealing feel as lying. Grow longer at gas stations. Guatemalan court has suspended a government decision to remove United Nations team investigating the country's president finally tonight in North America. There are now more women older than fifty living in the US than ever before. According to the New York Times and a federal judge dismisses Ashley Judd's sexual harassment claim against producer Harvey Weinstein ruling their relationship was not covered under the law. The actress suit under thanks Patrick winds up today Scoble survey, the Democratic Republic Congo's Electr. Commission has declared opposition candidate like Jesse Keti. The winner of the presidential election provisional results put him head of another opposition candidate Martin for you Lou. And the ruling coalition's Emmanuel Sherry the result could lead to Congo's first democratic transfer of power since this alien pendants from Belgium in nineteen sixty with longtime President Joseph Kabila due to step down in the coming days. But more about the political situation in the DRC where now joined on the line by Dr Who in paying a senior research fellow of the institute of West Asia. And African studies at the Chinese Academy of social sciences. So first of all Dr hood, could you give us a little bit formation of affiliates..

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