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Off mid high noon is an official with the Palestine Liberation Organization he says whether they like it or not Palestinians in the occupied territories will feel the impact of Israel's election a synovial as well who was on the road now can you know who were in the worst possible scenario told me Netanyahu is talking about annexing one third of the west bank the Americans seem to be willing to go along with this and if Netanyahu wins a noon says it's a crisis for us as for the one million or so era voters inside Israel many of them feel targeted by the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu supported legislation that downgraded the rights of Israel's Arab citizens it's called the nation state law and Yasser Falah a dentist in Nazareth worries it's only going to get worse if the right wing campus stays in power here where you'll was born and your grandfather was born it's not your country in your lawn. what you want to be more than that this was our good blow to make it I don't people lose is the fate pelos says he's not willing to lose faith that's why he was offering a ride to anybody who needed one today to get to the polls and cast their vote for the world Matthew bell Jerusalem democracy is messy but activists and Hong Kong I think it's worth fighting for that's why Hong Kong lawmaker travel to Geneva this week legislator Tanya chan pleaded with the U. N.'s top human rights group to investigate police brutality against pro democracy activists chance says police abuse of protesters and ordinary citizens in Hong Kong is rampant for example a female first aid she was shot by the police with being backgrounds and blind one of her on ice and recently we can see that even on the H. school boy just a bystander beaten up by the police with batons and suffer serious injuries returns I visited him and so far after fourteen weeks of protest over the one thousand four hundred people were arrested over two thousand five hundred to a gas cans were used causing serious injuries to a lot of normal civilians as well as protesters so going back to your request by the U. N. how did officials with you and respond to your request I don't have very encouraging response yet but at least it's a start and will do more expression as a legislator will do more to communicate with the U. N. human rights council but for the time being isn't it correct to conclude that right now the UN officials are basically saying you know you're on your own we can't really help. I of course I would say it is an uphill battle so basically saying we're going to be polite and let you talk but we're not that interested. China's diplomatic mission wrote to the United Nations in Geneva asking it to deny you accreditation they called you a convicted criminal why I'm convicted it due to my participation in the democratic umbrella movement all cases now waiting for appeal case will be heard in February. the weekend protests in Hong Kong they tend to start out peacefully and then they break down to chaos and when we saw the photos this weekend of masked demonstrators throwing petrol bombs outside government headquarters do you think this is inevitable that the protests become violent or is it a tactical decision to up the ante also all these weeks and over a hundred days of protest the chief executive miss Carrie lam finally withdrew the peel off the oldies weeks and and unless the extradition bill exactly straight a night at these protests the first place exactly and at the same time we have all four on the demands which is I think very reasonable so what about the issue of protest turning violent do you worry that the protesters are going to alienate supporters if protests continue to be violent there is no leader most of the protesters are very rational stayed to correct the mistakes and they learn from that experience and the most important elements Easter support from the public so if the the kind of violence and or disturbing scenes you keep on increasing that would be more difficult for them to maintain the support but at the same time or these can be settled if the government response to all the moms positively so what is the end game here do you feel like the protesters should stay out there until the demands are met even if it gets violent well frankly speaking is a question that I've lost my friends and other legislators and I think the end the game hopefully is the government can on Sir our demands positively this is down I mean they they certainly haven't so far except for the extradition bill I do agree that we have a a we are facing a extremely difficult up hill battle even. if they can settle kind of you know with quotations settle the protest now they conned keep the peace for too long Connie chan is a legislative councillor representing Hong Kong island she's a founding member of the civic party thank you so much thank you..

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