Congressman Christopher Collins, Giuliani, Russia discussed on Mark Levin


Insider trading charges. Republican congressman Christopher Collins of. New York tweeted, he will seek re-election corespondent Jessica Schneider says collinses accused of giving non public information about the results of a drug trial to. Trade, on stock of an Australian pharmaceutical company Collins his son and his son's fiance's father, were all questioned by the FBI in April and are. Now, charged with lying about what really happened prosecutors say core documents that the father of a missing Georgia boy was training children at our New Mexico compound, to commit school shootings details from correspondent Scott McLean in the charging documents against all five of these, adults it when it talks about. Child, abuse it justifies that charged by saying additionally a foster. Parent of one of the eleven children's stated the defendant had trained the child in the use of an, assault rifle, in preparation for future school shootings A defense attorney questioned the accusations credibility eleven hungry children were. Found last week living in. Filthy conditions at. A compound near the Colorado border the Trump. Administration's plans to impose. Sanctions on Russia in response to the use of a, nerve, agent on a former Russian spy and. His daughter in the UK. From Moscow correspondent, Frederik Pikine these sanctions in the long run could be very very biting for the Russian economy and they certainly come at a. Time, when many people in the US but many people also here in Moscow wonder what, exactly the Trump administration's policy is towards Russia Trump lawyer. Rudy, Giuliani says the president's legal team responded to the special counsel's request for a possible interview Giuliani commented that this should be over by September first because, they don't want to run into the November elections Virginia's governor in the city of Charlottesville proactively declaring, a state of emergency it comes. In, advance of the one year anniversary of the white nationalist. Rally in Virginia the left a woman dead I'm.

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