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I'll take a picture with you some people hug me, which is always long as you. Don't hug for too long. There's always that moment where the hugged goes from like, oh, that's nice. You're a stranger. You're showing me affection to like, we'd better ease up on that. But yeah, so we can do all that. Let's see democ. Democrats had power in California for decades and things have gotten worse for the middle class. What hoped you see in California? Now that new will be governor. Yeah. I mean, I'm not very hopeful actually, which is ironic because I love living in Los Angeles. And I can tell you that even in LA there has been and he's just becoming governor now, but the amount of homeless people has increased tremendously will last time. I was in Berkeley, our car got broken into on a pretty nice street Reta steak joined the cargo broken into basically in front of the state joint Borton stakeouts like a nice place and they stole stole my bag. My my sister's parents my sisters parents in law were visiting from out of the country. They were in Berkley just a couple of weeks ago, and they got mugged in broad daylight. They literally ripped the rings off my brother-in-law's mother's fingers, pretty violent. I mean, she was bruised the whole thing. So I think there's some bad trends in cal-. Gornja for sure I mean in in San Francisco, they've got an app to tell you where human poop is on the street. I'm not making that up. I saw somebody shooting up in Berkeley on a on a side street. So there's a lot of trends that are bad in California. Newsome got good hair. He's got a nice smile as all the right things. But he's for big government. He thinks that government can resolve all of these things. And I don't think government, can I think government basically makes all of these things worse. So I'm not very hopeful. Unfortunately for California, which sucks because I I love living, California. And you can't beat the weather, and I really do like the people end in LA. There's a resurgence of some interesting political conversation happening. I mean, you know, Shapiro's here in LA and Dennis Prager here in L A and Peter Teal's here in L A in Sam Harris's ear in LA and plenty of other people are here in LA right now. So there is an interesting intellectual set happening in LA. And I, you know, it's just unfortunate. But if somebody wants made move to Texas. Make me an offer. I can't refuse. Okay. Let's see. Oh, jeez. Player unknowns. Battleground for PS four, I don't know what it is. But I'll check it out. But if someone give me like a contra style game that I can just blow some stuff up, and hopefully, it's a side scrolling. I would love to or more like a like a life force graduates shooter. But I wanna go that way. I don't wanna go that way can't go that way. Don't wanna go this way. I want to go that way or go that way. But can't do it. The other way. All right. Let's see are there any future endeavors with Brett Eric end. Or Heather, I don't wanna give away too much. But I just told you that, you know, potentially. There are some ID w people joining me for my stand up gigs ever thirteenth in in brea. A number November fourteenth in Oxnard. So you might wanna check out one of those shows. And oh and actually Brett's going to be on the show in a couple of days when I get back also. So that's so they so. Yeah. So we're gonna keep talking to these guys who now, you know, we definitely a political disagreements within. It's all good. It's all good people. Okay. Let's see we go. We got about twelve minutes left. And then I got get. I gotta meet J pincher. He's on his like eight steak the day guys only steak, and and basically in club soda and salt is days. So he eats a tremendous amount of steak. I'm still I'm still doing this paleo thing as much as I can. But I've been eating a lot of state because I hang out guy lot. Let's see. Who do you see running in twenty twenty that has the power to actually unite the country from where we're standing today?.

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