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And some of these could produce some fairly strong winds were not outlook for severe weather but there could be some heavy rain as well especially southern wisconsin and up toward the northern suburbs that sounds sandy andy sunday tomorrow oh saturday i gotta get through saturday because tomorrow evening we have def leppard and journey at wrigley field stop yeah all right they shouldn't be allowed to play that at wrigley by the way the only time is your play wrigley white sox on yes come on andy we need to go our separate ways oh so tomorrow thank you glad you picked up on late tomorrow afternoon and evening there will be some thunderstorms around looks like the focus of much of that activity is going to be in the southern suburbs something we have to keep an eye on because of that concert certainly in many outdoor events like taste of chicago hello ladies and then sunday most likely late sunday afternoon sunday evening another chance for some thunderstorms but i think that will be very isolated and andy may become danny again and it will be humid monday heading back to work monday is the day we bring in some wide spread rain which i'm not happy about because golf outing monday afternoon so i got to try and change that i'm not i'm i'm on the whole marrying american cancer society golf outing on monday so i'm going to be one of the i'm going to be the mc actually and speak at the gulf events so hopefully we don't we don't doubt i will be out in glen ellyn i will make sure i don't let you get rained out i'll do my best for the chicago automobile trade association outing which i have a great time at every year but you invite me to wanna your outings outing i'm just they just asked me be a part of it but i think the last time i saw tracy out and about i think was out at cog hill i think i might have been for a ronald mcdonald yes handful of years ago yeah yes who long ago can i can i ask you questions when it is when it is overcast yes yesterday early in the morning lease up by me in the northwest suburbs do you have to worry about can you still get sunburned even though you can't yeah absolutely that was kind of a thin overcast frankly the ceilings there wasn't bright lane right but it was just enough to mass okay this son okay but absolutely we still yes so yeah i highly recommend that and the thing is that was cloud cover that was spilling in from these storms that were up in wisconsin that we were getting and we're getting a little bit of that today too but yeah sunscreen for me it's spf seventy you hit a lot of luck changing the forecast yourself i have not okay i just wondering you did say trying to change it from monday so you can still just wondering if you've had success with that that would be a wonderful thing to have what would be a special power days when.

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