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The jet yet up twenty seven or not he can't abdul i thought yeah no i think it's a great question i thought the bucks outplayed them as well offensively for tampa bay in week sixteen i my answer to that is probably yes but not in the way like oh hate the solve the panthers they've got gonna figure out just yes in that it takes a few weeks of seem is to believe hey this is how they're playing begins carolina has always been a yeah you know they've always been a straight four threes on defense and that's just not what the are anymore so yes i think teams have started to game plan accordingly for carolina like you would any team and your they get beat a little more naturally consequently there's still a lot of plays they make dole and they still got those fast linebackers the figured out their safety rotation dairy jairus byrd is playing a little more i don't think he's a great player but you get more athleticism on the field that way it's an it's such an interesting to you and to the other thing we need to talk about gary and probably were this match comes now especially if we're looking at the second half of his game is that panthers defensive line it has dominated as teams have gone on over in the month of december eight it is been absolutely tremendous in the saints for all their veteran experience in all how well they are designed and chimera what a unique piece he is the saints a lot of what they do stems from how good their offense of line yeah that's going to be a really good match up that is that's it that's a gouda battle in the trenches keynote you don't think about that a lot with the saints as far as what the reputation has been nittany sean payton drew brees era edel.

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