Ron Tomatoes, Jeff Bridges, Abreu discussed on We'll See You In Hell - EPISODE 4.20: 'TWIN PEAKS'


And where they go with this is is not s this is the movie the probably cost two hundred million dollars and it's taken some of the biggest swings i've seen in age so is it good or bad i was entertained for the entire two and a half hours didn't check my watch wants and then at the end i turned a heather and i was like i fucking loved actually i that israel era it's not they're very inventive crazy like anarchic movies at a time when every movie as the same okay and i really really loved i love both of them i probably preferred the first one even on railing about the second one but i just admire that they're getting made their nuts and this one really had something to say uh i loved it great i loved it oh i didn't think that's where you're going with if they were gonna say it was like a mess needed it it's a mess and i loved that hericher and at ed has currently i think like a forty percent realize why you can't trust ron tomatoes at stoop yeah i'll say the weakest link of it sadly is jeff bridges he comes on the scene channing tatum and a hammer doing like a kentucky their run like a a bourbon i don't even understand anymore i tweeted the other day amid i look forward to being part of what will become to be known as the jeff bridges only did weird southern care yes face it's like why is everything is in now he's got a cowboy ahead and he's like our aurora flanker drawer abreu why lies that all he i really hated it and when he when he turns around at first like i mean we're talk one of my favorite actors air when he turns around and they they give him the reveal and he's like.

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