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And stadiums, along with theme parks and certain tears. Kendari open April 1st with mandatory masking and reduced capacity. In the red tear venues will have a limit of 20% capacity, while in the purple tear outdoor sports and live concerts can only have 100 people in attendance with the reopening of stadiums. Sacramento River Cats general manager Chip Maxon says that baseball fans will soon be able to return to the center health part a long time coming and we're so excited to be talking about the return of baseball in the return of fans, and we can't wait. We're so excited to 10 welcome them with open arms still have a safe distance. Of course, Max and says it's your favorite foods will soupy avail. Well at the park when you get back, including Irish nachos to enjoy some of those and have a good dinner dog in a nice cold beer, so that will be waiting for everybody when they come out here. Yeah, no indoor donning will be allowed until things change, but stadiums will shift to to go and seeded ordering options. 6 35 it kfbk And now more of your national top stories on news 93.1 kfbk compromise in the Senate on part of the covert relief bill. The White House agrees to Republican demands to reduce extended unemployment checks from 400 to $300, but Democrats held out for extending the benefits too early fall. Support for the Republican position by West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin was key major easing of covert restrictions in California, allowing certain outdoor activities to resume with capacity restrictions, including the reopening of theme parks on April 1st, according to health officials. In Mississippi around 5000 people in Jackson, who's still without water three weeks after a severe winter storm and freeze of the city's water treatment. Jackson Mayor show Quay Lumumba No, Shreveport was without water. I know that Vicksburg, Mississippi had issues with their water system following this storm. I know Canton, Mississippi dealt with it. Francis is in Iraq and tomorrow is to hold a historic face to face with Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Chuck's Iverson, ABC News And add 6 36. When we come back, we'll take a check of your poll questions..

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