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While bowel and they will not stand for they overcame three thirty billion dollars in voted in the primary and now they're trying a different tack i will the day we got a call from one big magazine all recognised for say the nine other won't say it now all right but they gonna calls it as uh down the campaign loan needs to step down as police were called how can i just say denied have been entertaining addition of republicans running their own how 'bout this headline sean breitbart editor in chief vaca trump should stay quiet especially sit when there's so many allegations against president trump yeah yeah and while you're there oh my god we all agree that have been accused shots of up their father's a perfect here we now now i have to say i agree with breitbart that's correct graber i listen to your moral horrible don't fight you're all eerily horrible in different ways and i think when breitbart ripe are does that i think it's a setup or summaries can't help myself i don't think that's what they really feel i think they liked something against trump makes them look like see where real news we actually look and i like it yeah all right reach regional in los angeles hello rachel her out on my gosh the raid we're all rachel hollick's this morning you for taking my call like convey when this happened i wish to gyp it would men accusing him he founded so accusatory it's wrong it like i gu i look on the twitter and i saw that she's friends with hannity and she's been on hannity and um i just thought yeah she's on i mean i that's the only pointed made she's on kbc which is his station and i was on abc and it's a right wing station with the and under saying if this were reversed they would be screaming bloody murder right oh my god i just feel like it the faucet quivalent the but they're all just wrong the conclusions the same.

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