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Sports from around the world here's Dan Schwartzman thanks Brian name our Barcelona not been able to reach an out of court settlement in their dispute over whether parses required to pay forty three million euros into renewal bonus agree to in two thousand sixteen before the twenty seven year old bolted for PSG in August two thousand seventeen part one is countersuing for the return of the fourteen million already paid on top of a and a half million for interest in damages a judge will now have to decide the case a shocker in the premier league is Chelsea falls to Sheffield United one milligram lame as least Lucette scored the lone goal in the thirtieth minute a win would have moved the blues to second the table behind Liverpool and ahead of Manchester city Hilton raider shipping quarterback Gary entirely to the Houston Texans what sources say is a third round draft pick the twenty four elders drafted twenty fourth overall in the first round out of Ohio state in two thousand seventeen and has played in twenty three games in his career with the raiders AFC's match about Monday Night Football the six you know New England Patriots right the one in four New York Jets with the NBA regular season tipping off Tuesday the Boston Celtics in four Jaylen brown have agreed to a four year one hundred fifteen million dollars rookie scale extension meanwhile the New Orleans pelicans announcing that top overall traffic sign Williamson will miss sixty eight weeks after undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee suffered in last Sunday's preseason game against the spurs on the enforcement that you're Bloomberg N. B. C. world sports update market twenty four hours a day business Bloomberg business listing positivity.

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