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Pop is so off key and fly it really straining older all this episode three seven marvelous radio the culture or now puff around the culture. Whatever the hell it's called and you're the Antioquia matchmaking. And that actress Chita Rivera. Just like you stop Jerry Lewis from doing a raisin in the sun not as excited as I was for that Malaysia Twat with Vincent Presidential Merman till the Schlafly. Yeah she world besides astroid. Sammy Davis Junior. But that's why we love you. We had the boys are awesome. You read Walter Winchell last night did you read. Watch Walter winchell it escaped me Phyllis Schlafly. Who's a major sort of off screen presence in this and now we can all Imagine Cate Blanchett? Who's playing her on Mrs America On? Hulu coming in a few months baby event of the century mark as on. I will watch the fuck. Donald Glover did the theme song for it. Really Mrs America. Yeah he did it all right awesome. Thank you for being writing to leave when I say staff podcast for your memoirs my memoir keep threatening to leave when I saved up seventy border guessing. GonNa leave when I say no. That's very fair. The Ethel Merman Vincent Price menage-a-trois. I do like when they play the game of. Oh Sophie Lennon's a sex is horny. Yeah all the time and I like that better than like. Oh I'm just dumb person who doesn't know how anything works. You know constantly having weird sex. She Got Clinton from Desi Arnez. Great rough sex with Wesley. And the previous episode Jerry Lewis playing role in raisin in the sun and all black cast very interesting and also believable maybe on some level for for that point in time. Yes bye bye Birdie and then frigging. Sammy Davis Junior. Where the boys are. Bye Bye Birdie gets brought up a lot. I feel like I was watching it. I was thinking of of That segment and how often would come up the sheer amount of times? I say bye. Bye Birdie yeah well. It's such a literal fashion joke. They love bye. Bye Birdie Birdie replete rinky boats boats. Yeah repeat boots one of those things. And the the last two episodes of the season three seven. Three eight remind me like. Oh they're not like Pasadena. Tv people even though they've worked in TV for like decades there Ian musical either nerdy. Yes like this is. This is what they care about. And when they have like their off period when they weren't doing any of these shows or they're like between Gilmore between bun heads and this and kind of like that fallow period when they would do interviews. They would just talk about the stuff they've seen recently on Broadway like nothing. I didn't care for Blah Blah Blah. I would love it. They were the only prominent celebrities in the world. That would go on record saying like Hamilton. Not For me didn't care for the way they risk with this like they're they occupy the space that musical theater like nerd like as a cultural phenomenon. Takes up like if if there's a Scifi world on that exists in television. That's like a huge fan base and the theater nerd like group is is represented by Amy Sherman. Palladino she has occupied will occupy that space. That type of humor. That type of like you know people who do set people who do choir show choir in Salt Lake or whatever like that group of people is represented by a ESPN. I wonder if when Glee came out. They were like what the fuck is this. I was houseware Leones. Just GonNa say Glee came out what the fuck is surely is like you know because I was like oh a musical television show. We haven't done this cop rock. Maybe it'll be good. Yeah Cop rock is a police musical show by thinks Stephen Bochco go onto make NYPD blue or it's the guy did hillstreet anyway is the guy who did crime procedural. Well what if I made it in my title? I'm a fan of musicals. I'm a fan of Kim. A meal fan my mom. Oh my fan but But yeah I I guess it's them and then maybe like some of the Ryan Murphy's to even though it's not glee may like the politician occupies that for some people just from like cassie on it. But what else do you think would like belong to this sub genre on TV right now because it's not even specifically like they're making me. It's like it's not even show like about stand up but it's like even in the amount of Miss Julie that we see it's like it's not even the theatre joked it's they just know the work they are of the world so well so it's like everyone's rea- like they just know what he's going to go to the US liar. It's like this type of humor. That exists in late. Show we heard. Yeah like Hammy nerd world that I grew up with in Minneapolis and like the public schools in there. So many kids who did like theater arts and stagecraft and went to ren fair and did double double sticks like that type of humor is so representatives. Afc World it's like she does it to the best of. It's like the apex of its charming. Where you'd get tired of it and personally if a dude was like okay you know like like it was the Tucson high musical numbers marriage toward that really tied together in the way but I mean specifically the sense of humor like that. It's like this corporate like I dunno like pre office sort of humor. I know what you're saying. You know what she's saying. Yes random random K. E. that type of thing not touching that one with I'm not touching that one with the tuber dramatic not touching that one Mile Lady. You know. That type now does beg the question. Would this show be better suited? Authenticity wise? If instead of stand up comedy Midge. Mazel was going to be like a trailblazer in the musical theater. Community of New York City. It would be much harder to depict. It would be much harder to like system that because this is all about her being a like a a woman in a man's world whereas acting is not no but I'm saying there's a composer. What if she was like the first Oh Gosh struggling to name a woman composer from Broadway. Who did fun Home Janine to sorry? That's her name when she was like the Janine to story of the nineteen sixties writing musicals. Yeah I'm just I mean. Obviously kind of damage on would not buy this. It would not sell. It'd be so hard to market but in terms of like what the Palino's no in his DNA. Yeah rather than like my father. Did BORSCHT belt stand up? So I guess I get it would be fun. Amazon would not buy I would. I think it's like what's what's movie. Yeah that would be a great move. Yeah that'd be great. What's cool about like approaching it from stand-up Lens and then still going into that theater? World is like for somebody people who like aren't of that sensibility. Arnett that sense of humor. It's a way of like I think they have a good mix of like this is how other people see Theater. And then they also slip in the humor of and for those who are in it. Here's what it is really like. Well I think what's really special about the some of the music choices they do are like so strangely on the nose. Like what we did Bobby Darren's beyond the sea when we go to Florida or like what if we do pennies from heaven twice in the Vegas emphasis and then the ones are like singular and unique are the ones that are needle drops essentially from musicals and like. Oh why would you? You would not use that in like a dramatic television show generally so long farewell. Yeah in only goes to the LUMBERJACK Lee. Right yeah or the end of it Or when they do like they've done music man needle jobs really sometimes like a little more esoteric stuff. That isn't so recognizable that gives it like such an interesting texture to Barbra streisand in the first episodes right. Yeah that's exactly what I'm thinking too. So yeah it'd be interesting. They have an overall deal with the Amazon. They bought the rights to some other book from the sixties which felt like. Oh you're going to adapt that as well like a word just saying. Hey We'd love the K. Or something it was like well. They have the costumes. Let's just let's ride this train I gotta I gotTa Google this so I know exactly what I'm talking about But they did. Also it was announced. I don't know if it's still happening or not the DA's remember last summer they were talking about doing gypsy. Finally doing like a Gypsy film adaptation. Another maybe starring Melissa McCarthy which I don't think would be the best pick for here yeah I.

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