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'cause we're desperate to get Trump out of office? What does that have to well, joy joy essentially admitted it in their frustration. They they don't like President Trump. They think he's gotten away with something. It really bothers them in any way that they can slander other Americans who either support him or like him. They're going to take it and they jump on it because they're frustrated because they're angry. It's like they're slamming doors. They're they're they're pounding their fists on the table. They're they're at their wit's end. And it's irrational. I'm sure that's something that she's not willing to admit. I'm glad she's willing to admit that the reason they're flailing around, and they are willing to blame innocent people and take down students in anything else. They can do to damage people's reputations. It's really really terrible the piling on. And this was a it was a crystal clear example of that why is it because they're frustrated because they don't like President Trump. So the fact that these kids had a mega hat on made them fair game to them. So my question to you. Would you wear a maga- hat and public? Would you go out with it? I I wouldn't I wouldn't because I don't want to be attacked by idiots. So I wouldn't wear the hat would you wear it out in public. Now, look, I'm criticizing people. I would like to mercy who did a tweet. And I said look this shell shocked. They shouldn't be reacting to this. And then I was kinda bragging I I don't have any regard for these people. So I'm not afraid of them. Obviously. I just admitted I might be a little afraid of them because I'm not going to wear a maga- hat to an award show. I'm not even going to wear it into a a subway to order a sandwich. I mean, a subway or into the subway certainly not into the subway. I don't want someone to hit me over the head. So is the what is the mega hats say exactly what does it say. I mean, all it says make America grading, and obviously it's a little bit more than that. It kinda says I support President Trump. Right. I'm sure there's a way you could walk down the street and say, no, I just wanna make America great. I don't even know who this guy is Trump, but we all know the mega hat is a Trump thing now, but listen to sunny hostile listen to sunny hostile on the view, the ladies of the view, they have a way of admitting things and saying things eight a clear way, it's amazing to get their viewpoint. Sometimes it's so wrong and sunny halston is so wrong here. But listen to the way that the media or the mainstream people want to treat this incident, which is it's nothing but fraud a fraud was perpetrated on students in the story. And there's not there's no other angle to this is nothing confusing about it. But they want to always say, it's so complex and the kids. Start started this chance one kid ripped off his shirt, and you know. Which chanting? Prolife were there for them. And that's the other thing, you know, Catholic churches, you know, you get this this exemption this tax exemption because you're not supposed to be through medical, and and they had these fees. These political these hats on these these outfits again where were the adults advising them that they can't wear that. Where were the adults advising them? They can't wear that hat says sunny halston these people are so clueless. But I love to hear them talk because they this is mainstream America. This is someone who's paid to be on TV everyday to analyze the news. And she's wondering where we're chaperones ordering the children that they couldn't wear those hats why because the school that they go to belongs to a church that receives some tax benefits. What are you kidding me? So how does Sonny halston think that students shouldn't be able to wear those hats? What does that mean? I get another amazing quote from sunny hostile on the story. And again, this is why I love this story so much it is eight is it crystallizes what's going on in America. So much. What's the mega hat mean? Would you wear out in public? Because it is being called. It's undeniably in the clip. I'll play when I get back. They say that they had itself is the latest. You think it is a racist symbol, they think it's a symbol of racism. So you should be able to essentially judge someone based on this make America great again hat eight three three eight five two four eight six six. Eight three three eight five two four, Tom. What does that mean? What is what does the magazine? I mean, what does it say? Tell me what it says when you see someone with the hat on. What do you think about them? What does it say? What are they wearing on their head? What are they telling us? This is Tom Schiller. We'll be right back. Tom.

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