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Because somebody got to be an adult around here just like like the blonde fishing miranda got dressed in the dark no matches i'm sure there's a silver learn me me right right tonight home looking like looking like love is right look like danny glover from any movie he stumbled into the iron oh but let me see here y'all ready no probably all over this movie yeah we see dna's all over just movie right now yes the reason why because years ago oh for martin i even started doing double toasted i remember we would just doing something that was kind of limbo show i told martin i said may have you read this book call ready player one and more now only is this a great book that just touches a low monto stout spots knows it just knows the right spots to hit but represent austin to we got ernie that's what he goes about two if you if you ain't from austin ernest cline but right he we call them ernie ernie hope driving around laurie every chance he trying to go to nineteen fifties america every week use the his ass trying to go fifty five gigawatts just to go to the grocery store considering what you gotta pay for one of those i suppose if i bought one i'd drive it all over the place to eight even fully geeked out here most of the time you get out getting out of the blower dressed up ghostbusters gear driving and lori and trying to go busted goes yeah that's got like a ghostbusters emblem on the side right.

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