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Just don't think it's gonna be an unbelievably difficult task too for for Budenholzer to get you know his team focus with the kind of intensity that it takes to win a championship and at the same time you know you got this going on in the in the you know as the backdrop it just it just sold it's obviously so new to everybody but I think I feel really bad for them because this may be their one shot and they may not get another shot let's just come the cruelty of the way life works yeah I have no doubt in and and you know that's about as always in the context of the this could be such a major health crisis said you know alternately we might look back and go who cares about it you know the results of the of the NBA that you're that sure you know that it could be we could we could be way more serious than that even so let's you know let's let's hope that all these measures were taking really lied some more productive and were able to you know keep things in control and Jack and and you know people are able to remain healthy and safe and that we we can get back to our normal lives but yeah really really scary stuff for we before run what I did I did I know crude mentioned Eric Pasco wanted to ask you some bad about him I think you should in the mid twenties from three and that's something that I thought about and thought about the way the league's going that he needs to improve his three point shooting three point shooting a little bit but then I thought does he does he really need to improve it that much that that would be improved a little bit and he decided to shoot more three pointers because he's improved a just a little bit Hey isn't shoot as many mid range shots with everybody deems inefficient which I disagree with but a math is math and he's so good at it he said such an old school game that he can take it to the ram he can hit those mid range shots Hey we're yet with that could you like can be a little bit better but I don't get so much better that he's like well I mean if you shoot forty that's great but let's say she's thirty any takes more three pointers instead of taking the midrange shot which is so so good at how do you counter balance that bike is that we need to work on yeah but we also want you to the mid range game because that's really where you could excel yeah I think the whole thing is open shots so if you can now get open midrange shots were all for those who aren't you know last year we had the number one offense administration C. in the league yeah and we also show the most mid range shots in the league but those midrange shots were taken by staff choir and and Katie so yelled at midrange shots or starfighter taken by great shooters and if they have Verdasco is shooting a high percentage from fifteen to eighteen feet and I want to taking those shots you know it's it's all about percentages and the way I look at next year you know when we've got staff and clay out there and Eric's got that kind of space I think he has a chance to be a really really efficient player and if he can improve his three point shot some great but if not he yeah that's fine because you can still be very efficient from the midrange and getting to the basket sorry Liverpool no yeah stocks trucks lost job both to and you know to one and in aggregate in over in extra time you think it's it's done and well that was quick I think the last squad you wanna see is Adler co you don't see the deep Diego Simeone's team as the last what you want to see is that they they don't do it until the ref blows the whistle and tells you to get out of there I was impressed that she that was really interesting I got added to it yeah so I don't want to see man city because they can't even play for two more years and we're gonna win this year will be done for two years it has outstanding speed like like we're talking about regular season NBA games outside about that a lot of people around here or maybe an American know how big the champions league is but when they have not not the Liverpool game when they have champions league games I think that landed that was plan add that champions champions league game yesterday that no fans in it I go that's when you know like we're talking about this one of the biggest tournaments in the world that doesn't have fans in it that's when you know this thing could go on for a little bit and could affect not just basketball but but baseball here in Maine baseball I still think they should I don't know if you agree with me on this but I think on TV we have the capabilities when you think about just putting like digital people in the stands are looks halfway decent users like a bad baseball movie that's a long time for the love of the game bill tear at the wrong time and maybe dressed in seventies gear it is something that men out of crowd noise pumpkin exam journal is trying to make the best of a crappy situation is what I'm trying to do that's what I do we also make sure to make the best of it stable C. out there tomorrow and I definitely don't see I definitely hear you I imagine we're going to give you a better seat for the game I would hope so anyway so well you know what I I don't know I think it was deemed essential personnel how is central both find out tomorrow yeah I think it would be hilarious if I looked up and you were still up in the rafters further by myself he's a social or arrange that for you just for you instead of I see it yeah good luck and stay safe as well purse I mean there they didn't want me to record obvious over thirty years of friendship and now we find out we find anyone as solid as we thought it was I was in the parking lot was well it's coming up next.

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