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Hello i'm alex guard nick you're listening to the wall street awareness podcast today a bain consultant turn podcast her we've got a great conversation with pete from the how to be awesome at your job podcast now i know that name doesn't really tell you anything about what is podcast covers so i guess you're going to have to listen to the episode to find out we don't talk about consulting enough on this podcast today pete makes it sound very cool just a reminder whilst you know acis has a management consulting interview course that will prepare you for those killer interview questions check it out and now without further ado pete welcome to the podcast alex thank you it's so fun to be here yes so you also have a podcast it's called how to be awesome at your job and so we are going to go deep into the actionable insights that you've taken away from having almost three hundred episodes congratulations of talking with brilliant leaders on how to be awesome at your job oh thank you well i i love excellent site so this should be fun yeah but before we do that we have to touch on the beginning you started off your career at bain i'd love to hear about that oh sure yes you know it's interesting i was i was a weird kid in college if day one i was determined inbound to go to a top strategy consulting firm i remember as even a little bit of.

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