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So what's leaders in the global with the families in this game the two so I will Robbie Russo gets his first from lane Peterson an anti merely on the power play at thirteen forty four that made for one two sun the rampage we get back within two late in the third period is ten or cast pick that a power play goal at eighteen fifty two of the third period cash to get his first from known Stevens and is active stays here but that was as close as the rampage would come as with a twenty seven save effort Ivan pros for top between the pipes for the Tucson a road runners earns his first professional win shots on goal in the third period San Antonio credited with fourteen a game total of twenty nine for two son it was twelve in the third period in game total thirty nine rampage power play was one for for Tucson power play was one for seven to finish out the game in part be the rampage power play two for four excuse me as I just push the button refresh let me backtrack a little bit rampage fans again with thirty one shots to sell with thirty nine rampage power play two for four two sons one for seven three stars the game all for the road runners lane Peterson is the third star as Peterson with another goal six of his last four games at two point night for him second star was Michael shampoo as Michael ship picked up a two point tonight and was a plus three thirty firsts are the game with his first professional victory goaltender Ivan pros the TA we will step aside we come back we'll have our play of the night and our final look around the league with the out of town scoreboard updates straight ahead on the post game show prime McCormick here if you from Tucson arena where the road runner skate to a four two win over the San Antonio rampage back in just a moment to get seven sixty it was in a rampage jockey on the San Antonio rampage radio network choose your mood with Neil say nice hydrating face.

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