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Do it. Now when you when you mentioned that you had gotten released or whatever it was if you went started. I mean you worked on the stuff that you start arresting school at that point in time right yeah so luckily I I'd opened my risk about two months before getting fired so I was kinda begging go. I felt so like the same. As Matt. We've our careers have been just. Rollercoaster rides of ups and downs. Which is which is cool. That's life you know and like you said we're always we've never like phoned it in you know we've always tried to look our best of cool gear have good attitude give give one hundred ten percent in the ring so I was looking. I was hoping to get fire. The KHURANA called me and I was like all the GOP. Thank you you're gonNA tell me to go to annex t in do something or I was like okay sweet so I got fired on a Thursday. I wrestled Friday Saturday and then literally for two years straight all over but luckily I open my school which was a whole `nother level of just Almost like therapeutic sense for me to give back and then it's like enjoying the business through a whole new set is where I can like you know train. These kids and watched grow from people. I barely know dumb locations. It will come in here until like pretty damn polished good wrestlers on proud of so. That whole thing has just been incredible. Something I wanted to do. I just thought it would come much later in my career but It was a blessing in disguise. But you have I could be. You might have to remind me but you've had some students like we have. I know Chris that lender trained with you. She's very very green but also very very good you could tell she was trained well. She wrestles much higher than her experience level. I think absolutely she came out of your school. Who else came from your school. Well J F we would have to be the most notable but I hate to give them such a big plug here on your show Yeah that's another one right. He told me that. That's to 'em once again. His personality is way more experience than his age. So let's to legit top talents that came from your from your school. That must be pretty gratifying for you as a teacher to know that you you gave them enough tools able to get on national TV and fit right in so quickly absolutely. I mean I've had a first class education the business I learned from Mikey whipper straight to the WWE producers slice agents. Whatever for years and years and years and years you know so I can I soak that all in and I want to give it back so if you put in the work and the dedication to to come you're going to get it you know so and Khorasan of to the my favorites. Kristen is my favorite student ever. She's a super special Person Individual an exceptional talent that she's just getting started. She's GonNa be great but I am glad when she When she landed on Earth that she found your your school. I was one of those things. You sure about this alien thing like. You're pretty. You're pretty talented as is I don't think you really need is alien things. She's committed to it man and that's be so so. Let's talk about this final run that you guys had again with the Ryder and Hawkins so you off. For how long was it before you got hired back? Brian is that it was like exactly two years. And then what leads you coming back? I believe with that new smack that was going live and they had just made one of those big cuts. They just made last week and I think they were Kinda went. Like Oh shit we just fire all these guys but we need guys now for this and that and what I was told is at Vince. Wanted guys back. That didn't need to be taught. You know guys that just knew how to work television There wasn't much so they made like small list and he handpicked a couple of off and like me and gender and Rhino and Shelton maybe shelton you shelton and That's how it all happened. And then I don't WanNa say I was misled but like I was like Oh cool this is going to be sweet and I had been yes and stuff where they really just want back kind of my old spot of just making other people look good which is fine. That's pro wrestling. It is what it is and I love it either way. You know I was grateful for it and then what really happened was some like I think some dirty reporter or something wrote some article I Curt Hawkins Loses hundred consecutive match in a row and it was like getting tweeted to me and shit like that and I was like sitting there going well. That's definitely true. That's awesome like who cares. Let's let's keep going so then I remember like I was pitching his. Everybody like let me just keep look like I'm losing anyway. They just make sure he's making them. I was supposed to be he unlike superstars or whatever and I was the finally when I went to like a writer and made them go. Vince like new Tom. I'd rather not like it was like it was embark ladies and he said something. Meal Hawkins to get one of his own down. I was like I'd rather not. Let's see where this goes and I just knew that kind of organically if I committed to it something would come of it and it finally like. I didn't realize how much I was going to lose. But it finally did pick up steam were. I truly felt like people were invested in my matches like they had never been before like you know whether I was in Long Island I was in Paducah. People knew I was the guy that was losing all the time and they wanted to be there to see me actually win. You know people were getting. It felt good and at the same time we kind of restart started the podcast and I think that remind everyone what good friends we were that we used to be a team. And then that leads you to Zach kind of being your your motivator to come on how to win. Type thing right. Yeah because I mean in classic Zack Ryder Fashion. Which listen I I use at the time? I use the Hashtag still here now. It's it's not there but I am so grateful for the time they're the learning experience the ups and downs like listen. I've had the highest of highs the low of lows and during that time you know Hawkins gets bad losing every match. I didn't have a match on raw in a year so I really like every week to TV but not doing anything like not like I dress up like my suit like try to knock. David's what one day I even had like a funny story I I went to one week. And he's like great ideas next week. Breath me writing right so the next week. I typed it up like a school project. I The cover sheet and everything walking around lack room and he will make you take. The picture of rider pitches. But I do at that point. I was doing whatever I could and I knew. Listen I've been up and down up and down like I was just hoping that something would come around and luckily it was just this perfect storm Hawkins on this losing streak me doing nothing people like. Oh my God these guys used to be partners because I think the podcast major reservoir pockets. I'M GONNA plug it right there but I think it got it in people's heads so what I did the big big run into save Arkins. It all made sense. It was the perfect timing. Did you get your big win? Brian Wrestlemainia..

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