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Is low twenties i can't confirm exactly the number of the injury al shabaab militant group is but i can't confirm that they were not able to gain access the base and we have season a lot of ammunition and other women's in turn our shebab said they killed dozens of au soldiers africa regional editor is will ross we're hearing from people who live near the base they woke up to hear the sound of too heavy explosions which we later found out were suicide carbomb attacks just outside the amazon base and then these residents said that there was heavy exchanges of gunfire that went on for more than three hours so that gives us an idea of just how big this attack was on the base it's very hard to know exactly what happened in terms of casualties on both sides but as you said there the al shabaab group is claiming to have killed dozens as they say in fact fifty nine peacekeepers were killed and they're saying themselves that fourteen of their own fighters died which is quite a rare thing for them to admit but of course we we can't independently verify that information i did manage to get through to a spokesman from the somali government and he said no this is propaganda but couldn't give me exact figures separately the ganden military of given out some numbers they're saying they lost four soldiers and they're claiming to have killed twenty two our shabaab fighters so lots of conflicting information but what's very clear is it was a significant attack how strong our our ship app today what's happened really over the last five six years is they've lost territory especially in the urban areas the towns and of course mogadishu the capital that no longer in control of those areas the areas but they're still able to wreak havoc so just in the.

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