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Then there's the story of logan paul youtube star extraordinaire who took a too far when he filmed the dead body in a forest in japan and that's death and then vinyl quadrant pestilence is um i exactly sure what that has with pestilence actually uh but it's basically i think the i think the he's our doesn't that would test lenses i think i think that the yes so area but i think they think it means poverty anyway uh it's like these the three bears from this like 1930s clip that has gone viral because of um a disgraced youtuber trying to sort of like um get back at the other grist disgraced youtuber from the previous quadrant yeah spigot spaghetti some about it but jomaa's baguette okay i think i think where a s s s i feel like i've i feel like while he's re brothers after this one a than you need he come to me let me reply also said by me pj vote in house goldman russia's bruce price repairman any be abandoned dummy on a more keti engalnd roberts more production help this week from christa ripple are editors tim howard fact checking by michelle harass our intern is devin gwynn is our last week with our outgoing intern fully anna is a genius we've been very lucky get to work with her higher her and a falling special thanks this week to tailor ends we are mixed by require on our theme song is by mysterious break master cylinder matt labor is an unseasonably warm day you is our website ever piled out limo and you find more episodes of the show on spotify or apple podcast wherever you us thanks for listening will see next week.

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