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Maya. Why? Ask other people. Other people are going to say the same. There we go. Okay. Has everybody said the same? No, I assume so. I don't know. I was just trying to not take everybody. Sorry, no, not the job. No one stays anybody. We only care about your opinion. We care about your opinion. Or sat at home my feet up is already prepared. Today. And I just surprised they did that. If I don't know how to text everybody, I'd have said side off. No, I didn't know that. Yeah, no. You know, the look. There we go. So I didn't get that text message. I don't want to be in that loop. To be honest, quite happy. Right, let's move on, shall we? Manchester City in action against Liverpool this weekend. It's a Premier League returns. Of course, a big month for city as it is, everyone. I suppose. Phil Foden out, of course, with appendicitis. How big a blow is this, James, do you feel? Well, probably not as big a blow as it could have been given that Jack Grealish has been preferred in that position for Manchester City for a while. I think there have been signs that Foden was starting to rediscover some of his best form and look, I mean, Guardiola is as much about trying to be unpredictable on the team sheet these days as he is anything else. So I guess it reduces one of his options in the wide areas, but I think the fact that the Grealish had arrests against Ukraine for England, he only came on for the final few minutes. Means he should be fresh for that game. So it doesn't weaken Manchester City, particularly so it's a blow, obviously. And a fully fit and firing Phil Foden is a threat to anybody who's obviously done a lot of damage to Liverpool in the past, but I don't think it will make a brighter chance to win in the game. Not the end of the world. No? Mahrez Grealish has been much better as Jim said. You know, hurling Alvarez can play out there called power market recommend the youngster, but not the silver can play out there. I mean, there's a whole host of them that can go and play weight. So it was just getting back to I wouldn't say his best, but he was starting to look sharp again after a downturn. So it's

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