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Boy. Yes and I called her a couple of times. Muttering you told her about the increase in levels Oh yes because I almost mind-blowing. Yet it is for key, she just keeps shaking her head and then. Just repeating, those numbers teenage boys the level. Of two stops thrown in their system can, be, as. High, as. Seventeen hundred. Times, what it will be as an adult so, you can see why the brain isn't thinking well this is a drug why they. Do gazillion, things why you. Will look at them and shake, your. Head. Sometimes they think they're invincible. Why they think. They're invincible and after you. Told. Us I look at age boys do stupid things. You know you see it on the news I wonder, if it's equal seventeen hundred times Seems like it Doctors. UCSD. Oh yes yes Yeah someone I knew was a note taker for emergency, room doctor emergency room surgeon and he was the one that. He would, walk around. Muttering testosterone. Disappointed Yeah Because now that doesn't mean the female dogs going through adolescent aren't gonna be nut sometimes, too but it does tend to be worse with the. Boys, However I love my voice me. Too I love my boys and they do grow. Up they do grow up and there's that last. Thing don't be surprised if the girl dogs make up to the guys in the house and the boy dogs make up to the women in the. House and that means the girls will challenge mom and the boys will challenge. Dead that's part of the natural, world. Too All right well we give you lots to think about.

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