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All of Michigan. Talking news talk seven sixty WJR Detroit. Six eight shutdown talks whether app lawsuit, I'm Martin Eckerd. The partial government shutdown is entering a third week. Correspondent Manu Raju reports lazy talks between President Trump and congressional leaders on Friday fell to resolve any of the standoff over the five point six billion dollars in funding for a border wall won't be some staff level talks to White House staff hill leadership staff they could happen to the weekend. Mitch McConnell later said perhaps they could get closer to a deal by early next week. But still that is expecting a lot of staff to come to an agreement that the principals aren't even close to reaching the president has informed. Congress American military personnel. Have deployed to the African country of Gabon at the Pentagon, Barbara. Starr, says eighty military personnel are on standby to protect us citizens in neighboring Congo. They are ready to go in and protect the US. Embassy, but also ready to go in and rescue Americans out of that nation if it becomes necessary. This is something the US military is ferry expert at it's quite significant that when congress is notified about this. We learned it that they went with combat equipment. Jim Roope reports. The city of Los Angeles is suing the operators of the weather. Channel's popular mobile weather app. The lawsuit alleges that the app misleads users into thinking location data is being used to give them accurate weather reports. But it's actually collecting info on where the users are and what they're doing to sell to advertisers and others the lawsuit.

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