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These modern day Technopolis can pick presidential election winners Control Our national debates, decide whose voices heard whose voice is not heard. The Supreme Court no longer decides what the law of the First Amendment is in this great country. These tech executives do in practice. Big tech controls the country and they control the country by deciding what we see. Well, said Mr Travis. I mean, if this doesn't underscore why we need to remove the liability protection section, 2 30. I don't know what does Mr Greenwald makes me the same points in his written testimony. And then he says this about the specific question at hand of this committee hearing today, he says how Congress sets out to address Silicon Valley's immense and undemocratic power is a complicated question. Well, it is posing complex challenges. The proposal to best media companies with an anti trust exemption in order to allow them to negotiate as a consortium are cartel seeks to rectify a real and serious problem. Very true. But this is important. But empowering large media companies could easily end up creating more problems than it solves. He goes on to say this further empowering this already powerful media industry, which has demonstrated we use it's forced to silence competitors under the guise of quote Kali control runs the real risk of transferring abusive monopoly power from Silicon Valley to corporate media companies. This last clause is important or even worse, encouraging some sort of de facto merger in which these two industries pull their power to the mutual benefit of each. Where he saw that happen. We saw it last fall in last fall's election. Both Mr Travis and Mr Greenwald site this in the written testimony last fall when big media teamed up with big check to make sure the American people didn't hear about the Hunter Biden story. In the weeks leading up to a presidential election, so we've already seen him seen them team up against. We've, uh people, and now I have legislation that's going to give big media this consortium and cartel power the same time we're looking to use any trust law. You deal with big attack. We're going to give an antitrust exemption to big media. Maybe that's the right course. But I got up. I got real questions about that, whether we should move in that direction, So I look forward to hearing from our witnesses. I want to thank him again for coming particular, Mr Travis. He traveled here in person. I appreciate his good work, and we look forward to A chance to hear from each of our witness, Mr Chairman. With that I yield back. The gentleman yields back. It's now my pleasure to introduce. Today's witnesses are first witnesses. David should burn the president and CEO of the News Media Alliance, where he has served since 2000 and 15. Mister Davern spent 10 years of United States Chamber of Commerce and a number of executive roles, including executive vice president chief operating officer and Chief of staff is a member of the Board of Directive. Transamerica and Turns and serves on the board of trustees at the University of Pittsburgh, Mr Shiver and received his batch of arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh, his MBA from Georgetown University and his JD From Villanova University School of Law. I would now like to recognize my distinguished colleague and the vice chair of this subcommittee, Miss Giant Ball to introduce our second witness, and I know she does so with incredible pride is John Paul. You recognized Thank you so much, Mr Chairman and thank you for this opportunity. To welcome Mr Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft and a fellow Washingtonian who has done a tremendous amount for our region are state and, indeed our country. Mr. Smith is one of the leading global figures and the technology industry today and he's testified several times before the United States, Congress and other governments on policy issues. He joined Microsoft in 1993 spending three years leading the legal and corporate affairs team. In Europe in 2002, he was named Microsoft's general counsel and lead the company's work to resolve antitrust controversies. With governments around the world and companies across the tech sector. I believe that's given him a very unique and valuable perspective on the issues of tech and antitrust and the responsibility of the tech industry to work with government on smart regulation that protects competition, innovation and democracy, and Mr Chairman, I actually believed that that experience is very much part of the reason that Mike Self played such a productive role in Australia most recently and I know we're going to hear about that more today. Before joining Microsoft, Mr. Smith worked as an associate and then partner at the law firm Covington and Burling. He earned his BA from Princeton University, has J D from Columbia University Law School and studied international law and economics at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr Smith I thank you for joining us, but also for the tremendous tremendous work you do in our state and in our country. I look forward to Your testimony today. This hearing is taking place before House Judiciary subcommittee chaired by David So Cellini of Rhode Island. Thank the General lady and I also wanted Bank was just missed for his assistance. During the course of our investigation. He provided a very valuable briefing to members of the subcommittee during the course of our 16 month investigation, And I can't thank you for that. Our third witnesses, Jonathan Plus who's the President? The News Gil Communications Workers of America Ah Union that represents more than 2, 20,000 journalists and media workers across the United States and Canada before being elected president. C W A. Mr. Strauss was a graphics and data journalist at the Los Angeles Times where he led They're unionization efforts in 2018. This marked the first time in the papers 135 year history that the newsroom had been organized. Mr. Schulz has also served as the online editor at the Northwest Arkansas Democrat because that and as a weekend host for a K you AF, a national Public radio affiliate based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is also an adjunct professor at the U. S. C. Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism is just last received his bachelor's degree from the University of Arkansas. Our fourth witness, Emily Bars, president, CEO of Graham. Media group as CEO. His bar has overseen seven local media hubs all top 70 markets since 2012 under her leadership Grand Media Group was named the 2016.

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