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Better teams in offense second in opponents, points per game, so that's defensive stat holding the other team to as as many little points as possible as little as possible and their second in the league in opponents, points per game in only one hundred and six, so whenever teams play them the only average one hundred six points a game. Second in the League fifth in the League in all -fensive offensive rating so basically fifth in overall fence so. Beats their top not top ten in points per game, however you know. Top Five Enough Bentsen in the entire league in large parts of three guys, averaging twenty points per game like I said the only league that does have that. Then the less fin offense here's another coal stat fourth in defense. Okay, so we talk about the bugs the Lakers you know teams, the Clippers seems that are not all over the place. But you know some of their SAS are not always top ten top fifteen, and some other ones are five top ten kind of all over the place in some their team statistics. The Boston Celtics over somewhat steady in their team statistics. You know nothing's too great. Nothing's bad. Everything's pretty steady. Everything's good. You know nothing's bad. Nothing's necessarily great. Defense is very good, if not great, but again very steady in all of their team statistics second in opponents, points per game eleventh in points per game, still fifth in offensive rating fourth in defensive rating. So as far as those statistics go a very proven team, a very steady team who who has been playing at a steady pace, all season right there in the midst of the pack, not in an elite group and I guess a nine team. You WanNA underestimate. This season alone we've seen them beat the Lakers, the clippers and the bucks this year, not a thing you know, too. Many teams have had have done besides those teams that have named Lakers clippers, box and Celtics. Those were the only teams who have beaten those those other teams that have named the Celtics are right there in the midst with those Lakers, clippers in bucks They've beaten them this season. they're tied with the Lakers and the clippers I believe in their series. Season series I believe they're down one game, one or two games to Milwaukee. Nonetheless, they have beat them this season. and let's go back to the twenty seventeen. NBA Postseason, twenty, eight thousand NBA postseason were Lebron's last run in my in Cleveland bringing that team to the finals that he did. You know not necessarily something we also coming. but Jason Tatum in the Celtics Warriors. The team was in Lebron's way in the Eastern Conference Finals Talk Lebron Seven Games in those eastern conference finals. As a rookie, Jason Tatum was a rookie. Also at the time he was the focal point of that offense him and Jalen Brown. The two highlights of that team at the time also now obviously, but you know three years. This was three years ago. They were taking Lebron, and and not a good supporting cast. Let me let me say that. The Brandon not have a very good team that year, nonetheless, they took Lebron James, and the Cleveland Cleveland Cavaliers Seven Games in the eastern. Conference finals again in these guys, rookies rookie years. If not sophomore years, it's been three years since then you know. They've got a whole lot more experience under their belt as a team as players and. I said they've beaten the Lakers clippers and bucks this season. I don't think they should be a team. People are doubting I think they will beat the seventy sixers in the first round. They will be Toronto I think if they match up. The biggest test for them is going to be. You know Milwaukee and that Greek freak do they have an answer? CAN THEY BUILD? Build a wall around the hoop. You know like they saw Toronto Goulash your. They replicate that and disrupt Jaanus and get him away from what he likes to do. That's where it's GonNa. Come down to and if they can do that, you know I. I do have faith in them. If you. If you listen to podcasts last week, I believe last Monday I talked about. My playoff prediction and I don't have the Celtics winning. Let's be clear I. Don't have them winning the championship. I don't fight to bet that's not the team. I would bet on like I said they are simply my darkhorse a team. I don't want to count out some of the team that has been slept on this season in a team i. think is capable in large part. To you know in large part to do with. They have a veteran coach, Brad Stevens and you know three guys in Jayson tatum. Kemba, Walker and Jalen. Brown averaging twenty plus points a game. A veteran Gordon Hayward. Also. You know to help that guy like Marcus, smart and his cancer coming off the bench, very good team, I have beaten these high level teams. This season I'm very excited to see what they can do in Orlando Hopefully they've all stayed in shape with the all report to play. We all up to wait and see how that's going to play out. If players are GONNA report and play report to play on which ones doom which ones don't. But if they have the whole roster in you know, don't take this Celtic team for granted. Don't sleep on them. Because they could very well go ahead and win the NBA finals this year. but yeah, yeah, very good, very good young team. Very good young team very exciting for the future, but again don't count them out. Do not count those guys out. For this segment I'm GonNa go out and take a quick break. Greg grab a snag, oil water water, and then when I come back what I'm going to do, I'm going to talk about the NBA regular season awards. However I'm going to save the MVP award to the very end of the show from very last segment, so don't go anywhere I'll be right back. Check out the show that's built on the MMA from UFC. Two extreme cage fighting. They got the flights covered. Check out the GMC M A podcast. Get the latest news on past.

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