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The ladies from 77 W, A. B C and a BBC radio dot com I'm Bob Brown, an eight year old child in a 54 year old woman have died after you were struck and killed by a driver in Queens. It happened around 5 30 this afternoon at Jamaica Avenue and wondered and 64th street, police say. Both were taken to Jamaica Hospital, where they were pronounced dead. The driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, the driver remaining at the scene. Many storefronts, including Macy's Herald Square, are starting to board up their windows four days before Election Day. The move comes after many storefronts were damaged in midtown. And parts of lower Manhattan during demonstrations earlier this year, Governor Cuomo allowing schools and corner buyers hot spots in New York state to reopen with certain testing requirements. He saysthe schools would undergo random testing with at least 25% of the school population Getting tested on a weekly basis will also give us on idea about Homes and households in that area. If a child tests positive, then we can contact trace back to the family. MLB owners have approved the sale of the Mets to hedge fund billionaire Steve Cone. Jets taking on the chief's in Kansas City Sunday. The Jets still looking for the first win Giants home Monday night against Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the BBC News time 80 for traffic and transit of next forecast in the Ramsey Mom's Weather Center Tonight. Clouds followed by clearing low 39. We could see record lows in some spots Saturday. Halloween chili, sunny highs in the mid forties. 40.

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