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The 13th of May at 1218 on WTO Over to Richard the WTO center All right still have the closure in Alexandria on the inner loop of the belly and the local lanes just before you get to exit one 76 for telegraph road again nobody getting by as a result of the crash with heavy response on scene through lanes are getting by without lay remember if you're coming out of Maryland do not commit to the local and stay with the three lanes and you'll get by without issue Looks like you can still get to route one if you're in the local lanes but that's going to probably change your very shortly with traffic backing up the way it is getting in there so please be careful If you're traveling on the inner loop of the bellway leaving Virginia headed into Maryland from Georgetown play to Clara Barton Parkway again getting by the work there to lanes to the left as of late delays of E somewhat still caught up in extensive delays 95 nor found as you head north to the exit for route one aqua and continue up toward Quantico single far right could you buy the work zone tonight again route one up to Joplin road to avoid the delay on 95 no stoppages at least so far scheduled in that work some This traffic report is sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank Local knowledge local decisions for commercial banking it's better at birk and Herbert bank at your service since 1852 rich hunter WTO traffic A few showers out there and that's going to be our weather story throughout your Friday Temperatures will be in the lower 70s this afternoon On and off rain showers at times And those showers are going to be brief and Saturday.

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