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Nice to meet wall to undercover brother from a different mother. We missing you get well so you make good luck now. Trek has been low. Reiner and Jews have been thunderstorms everywhere. How we look? It's really interesting viral yet. Because obviously we'll have a little bit more of a go. I'd off to oaks mating and then I decided what they're going to do meetings at six meters expecting a little bit of Ryan for the Thursday I know and then I think three detain meals on Friday thirteen degrees fraud and said it is as well absolutely horrendous middle of November and this is what serving up. It's always a worry and then a bit more Ryan as well and said as I know we know the track is just a great drawing track can be affected when we get Ryan on the rice die as such chop it right up but look Credit Soleil my k.. From the Camper Flemington. It's played really well and I expect it to play really well They've used all parts of the track strike. Visual parts of the track is a westerly wind up on. I said I again. So if that's the case we know that I always had to the grain stain so I'd because they get a little bit more of a coveted but other than that I think it's GonNa play fairly as a punter. Would you be holding putting your funds for the first race just to see how the trek plies or you someone that has a bit proud of that and then as the Masika so have dating that. Look I think especially because you still got the racist died happen. Let's say applies air and then we'll get a good idea after rice one and two. I think just on that this track Iraq as being prepared so well and applied so fair for a number of months even leading into these flemington spring countable all holes. Sit to run to the based in particular. Ede's four days so if you confident have you bit. Because I wouldn't be worried too much about the elements the why these tracks main rising and I'm calling because I've got two guys I do take me through it. Let's have a look at the I look at it. He's the coin. Elizabeth that is a group. Roy True Self on top fifteen pretty should care for fog top of the range island with Gaelic. Chieftain rid Cardinal Charles. Rod didn't run that twenty dollars. Moore's at twenty one and then a few would be goes over the pie just a couple. More in the terms of Metoo to bond dog does not spayed at all in this race. Sully comes out. It's probably less spade than we thought. And I didn't go very hot at all. I think maybe Morris can go forward. I wouldn't be surprised to see true self sitting in the first four. I think that's Halo. Probably set up but I'm not expecting foss tempo at all I think they'll absolutely kroll roll. And then the best of the best ten of foods going to win the rice and I said on the UK who was true self. I thought he was fantastic. In the Geelong and cop he was four thousand dollars. Sixty that died. That ran three seconds in. So let's talk. We know the horse that won the rice printer verron renaissance sessional rice in the Melbourne Cup. True Self was pretty good. He was off despite and then he came into the rice and and was really strong. Just get positive avenue. Better extra run ahead of him Arvin the UK is one twenty eight hundred meters twice. It has no problem with twenty six hundred made his Oregon. He's as good a thing as of saying the queen. Elizabeth True Self. He's he's a cracking bit with. Joel sees the holster too. Because red cardinals go to carry the fifty eight. He was good in Geelong Cup. But nowhere near true. Self if Jon Allen Sticks and follows Prince of Erin at the top of the True Self Gates at Windsor Jalaun company goes into a Melbourne Cup. As simple simple is at fifty-six half guide five Jogi count stuff up from the he'll get the bitch running the rice that is for sure. True Self there's a whole school. Curry ran sick beyond downdraft on Saturday. And he is. He's got this but he's still loaning what it's all about. He just wanted to running badly on the day. He'll still learning what it's all about he's going to be the fine makes G. as up and coming style but carafe is definitely the danger. It's pitiful then. The top top of the range Bendigo Cup for him so he's wanting to really keeping your black books curry but I just think too closely whited just a true self and yeah true self so host debate boys on true self. Let's have a look at the group on Dolly Sprint of a twelve hundred million to center around the line so in the Abras just as is to lose twenty nine was very good in that as well for sixty loving Gabby in Anaconda was brilliant at Dillard's elise. I know in her. Tom Twelve some very very originally the Jules now you spoke about the West delete it. He's a straight run. You think closer to the grandstand solids going to be better. I think so and I think that's where they'll go. They might even just go out in the middle because it's not a big field. Usually you'll see a big field. They'll hit towards the grants and there's plenty of opportunities for horses to get that. Why but because it's not a big field? They may hit into the middle. We'll just wait and see not a lot of these honest and we know we've spoken about it. All the time is that they strike racist. Sometimes I just sit up. In springtime. The lost four hundred six six hundred meters San Lines based holes in this race. And he's not one of all the time I think he is a low percentage quiet because he can get back and have a couple of unlucky runs he always needs a little bit of locked up the strike. I think that can be discounted a little bit. I think it'd be a lot closer. And he won this race last year and expect to win again. He got peyton just in the Everest boy a three year old. Yes yes yes. They ran to convince them they came home. Twenty two and three and eleven four or something. That's outrageous are expected to go back back. Yeah he's definitely the holes to base for sure is to runs this Tommy's being beaten point five of the length to Sun Lot and and yes yes yes He sells won this race last year. Down the stretch of Flemington so he excels he goes to another level and he stood up. HAD THAT TRIPLE Y. In Sydney he is absolutely early prime. The only black bad luck. We'll have Santa Ana line being beaten in this race but the horse to catch I think will be soon. We'll be nature your strip. He was outstanding in the north. Oh for his twelve hundred meter run as a winner at the tracking trip down the street and what he's going to do for a horse that can over rice really early early down. The straight is get the opportunity. Just to Gallup free with that whole surrounding doesn't have to worry about where he's drawn in this right. It's a small field and he'll start off sly that four is four hundred and you watch him if he gets a soft section from the one hundred made a mock into the four hundred meter mark he will be tough to cat chow. I think Niger Strips I a big Mac Fahim big tick fema shoot site. There's a bit of a knock on Isis trip over. Eleven hundred meters isn't a debate with such good run in the US absolutely absolutely. He's a Nikkei he's an enigma. Because you don't know who's GONNA turn up on the date night. Just troops got a run too fast and then capitulate really quickly all if I can just hold a little bit of energy. That made rice. I'm going to be tough debating anyway. So I- running. He's that good. He's a winner down the street giving I'm giving in her. Tom Won the lightning sitting here and was second in the sprint. Last year to Santa Ana line she can come into play as a bit of a rough. And you've got to have loving. Gabby the three year olds are just absolutely on fire. I'm not quite sure her at this level down the strike though she's going to tick that box That's my only slight question but she does have fifty one and a half key lies but santer on talk. It's going to be an early Christmas but planas true self and center online. Both boys tipping them in the race to break after the Brightman. Look the matriarch and and also the MacKinnon stakes back to three one nine cover. I'm your host Nathan. Bram go to strategies based tips to Julian vallance and Australia's best jockey of yesteryear saw Marshall. Sixteen Tom Group. Was He good in his die. Striping Nitra acts stikes. Third I choose on top Rhonda Nella Fifty Gripes Glamour's fifty ammon geary one show. Yeah well last dance dance dance. Is there as well some really nice. Also stand up for de Leon sixty billion dollars over the pies. You got an Toyota a liberal ocean. Russian aches and all the way down to the bottom. Two Navy shirt made a bit of a knife and squeezed Roy getting on track a lot along in that that was really abyss. Obviously I mean Gary go forward graceful dilemma. We know that being adding front and doing this thing. So I think this there's GonNa be a genuinely Ron Rice. There is no daring that Spanish raith hardest part B. Three. Let me see scroll those horses WanNa row full it so there is going to be good. It's paid best. He hasn't made a horse win the rice. Dating that what that is well. It's a tricky rice. I ended up going with the food. aning girl Tuesday on just like the fact that you start to go. It was two thousand meters. Go Peyton boyfiend. Shoes bet knowing does in that rice and then they went to sixteen hundred meters at the valley. I think it was the right rice for it but it ran pretty well behind Gary the right-wing twenty seconds and so. It's Dan Thomasson Foster on rice. And I go back to two thousand made which I think will be gripe a platform. I think he's paying the plan all along. Two Thousand Sixteen then back to two thousand with Nottingham mates ammon geary half kilos bid for its lost lost effort run now and he's got the pay over two dollars fifty verses about five dollars but I know half kilos then you start thinking i. There's many links is that he thinks UELMEN UELMEN Hanley link. Is I look for me. It's not so much about the link. The length of what that is because I think whites can be applied to kilo strike. Keila people will say. Oh that's worth links links or whatever I think that can be. I've applied but when I a half kilos horses going severely opping white like geary so I think gets just a bit of an advantage for Gail choosed ongoing. I like the fact that if it's wet and it marked bay. Rice seeks on Saturday. She's got good way attract for my third rice dot at Rosehill. She absolutely bolting on a wet track. No disadvantage if it was wet forgo choose down or what but There's one that stands out to me. That ought to be writing. Advise twenty kilos lighter and that he's Ronald Annella by waiting for her to heat a strap. Somebody whiting through due to get to two thousand and I'll be waiting to get a toe into the ground. And she gets fifty five. She ran second to Vilius. Who's a white fried style? When she was at a peak last autumn Carnival these herash? She gets in lot with the locks of Gary Daines dance in Spanish rape. Who have to run a break attitude? As resumes to the locks against Ronel feel scream time nausea lot that backup for her. She'll run well graceful dilemma. And she'll roll forward from the Barium. Poor on the speed with me cease gear Spanish Raven and Demagoguery Siren. DONELL destroying the pint. She books she's going to be in front. Ron Of everything that needs to run from beyond that hasn't matched the form that she has added a peak with that sick and to a- Vilius Knicks will follow her and get a good around with the villa says I mentioned choose from the best case scenario to run at noon. You value gills three.

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