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Welcome to grilling JR. This is Paul bromwell and I'm joined by the voice of wrestling mister Jim Ross. Jim, how are you doing this week? I'm good, thanks, Paul. Just trying to figure out this new system, you've always thought and they tell me that our crack stats and we're ready to roll. So, buddy, we've been clueless. This has been comedy gold. We've been playing a little game called click this drag that fuck you for the last half hour before we got here. I've been thinking that. I know you have. It's been written all over your face, but we made it, and by the way, we're broadcasting from the Bluetooth studios. Try Bluetooth free when you use our promo code, JR at checkout, just pay $5 shipping, JR, you're a believer in the product, aren't you? It works. That's what you need to hear. It works. So he is a paying believer. He believes in it. It's good stuff, so there you go. Well, JR, listen, we're going to jump right into it today because we're doing a watch along and I'm excited. This is from 25 years ago. We're going back to the first ever two hour Monday Night Raw. It's from February 3rd, 1997. It was in the Toronto sky dome. It was actually recorded on January 31st with an attendance of 25,268, so what I'd like you guys to do if you're gonna watch along with us, this is the part where you want to fire up that peacock machine. So launch the launch the cock as Connie sometimes says. Go to Monday night he is something. And we're going to go to season 5 of Monday Night Raw, episode 5, and we're going to count it down, jam. I'm excited. We're about to do this. This follows up the show. We did recently covering the Royal Rumble 1997. Are you ready to go? Yes, I am. I sort of got I am. Please. Get this shit started. I'm ready to roll. All right, let's do it. What did you have better things to do tonight? Hey, yes, sir. Here we go. As we record this, I'm leaving town tomorrow morning for lovely Chicago. Very nice. Yes, sir. All right, well, let's talk about that as soon as we launched this. So let's do it in three, two, one and play. The revolutionary force in sports entertainment. Welcome everyone to the sky dog runner Ontario Canada. Tonight it's Royal Rumble raw world 25,000 fans are here plus Shawn Michaels psychosis and two championships on the line. The man they call Vader making his way to the ring here in the sky down to play smash mouthless stone cold, but right now let's take you back to the Royal Rumble. Yes, it was the Alabama where over 60,000 fans were on hand to witness the most controversial conclusion and Royal Rumble Match history. Austin Oliver diesel. And Falk and Vancouver. He knows what they've got to kind of know about. That's right. Nobody saw it happen. No evidence. No evidence just us. In the 25 or 30,000 people over there. Just the millions watching at home. And now they're also going to go in my next Brett. In Toronto, a lot of the fans will like it. It's a lot of the past did not. Austin is getting his hand raised by young Mike Kyoto and look at him called him Jimmy Corden..

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