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Don't know i figured you know we've base playing career and what he did with the mets in winning the championship i mean i thought that would be enough and editor at another thing jim thome so all of fame try by catholic gary sheffield gets over world gary sheffield compatible apply it to tell me i mean i saw sheffield wife for years and chen jeff there was a better try rather better feel that hit over five good home is nothing over fifteen osgood was gary sheffield against completely over won't whether quoted comes to the all of do you know ruehe is about his them uh young drugs in and and i'm looking at it right now where he drove it one hundred one two three four five six seven eight times two years with the yankees with 36 121 thirty four one 23 uh was he got total of a five hundred nine home runs lights out to ninety two 2600 hits twenty two years even if the 40yearold as last year with the mess later 100 games than almost forty three uh rbis in a two seventy six adverts the yeah i don't i don't know if he'll ever gideon it's a certain guys his one thing and it's market you might get a kick on this look at gary sheffield is uh numbers but you over swiss freeswinging he was he never struck out one hundred towel no no never he was not a guy that struck out a lot now a of a walk the hunt over 100 times one two three four times ninety times about three times but you think if you think i am allegedly hitting wants 330 figure the that that big swaying but no strike out now and to be honest i always kind of felt like he he was a better player than he gets credit for just a.

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