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M. well it's been a long time since we've talked to all but don Siegelman the former governor of Alabama who Karl rove in my opinion massively ill legally and morally and wrongly took down and just commit horrible crimes against the the Karl rove committed the crimes governor governor don Siegelman is online with this free dash don dot org is website is Twitter handle is don Siegelman governor welcome back Hey thank you tell him I'm glad to be back it's great to have you with us it's been a long time since we've talked I wanted to discuss with you the the data and there's a bunch of things I'd like to cover actually let's start with the death of Jeffrey abstain you as governor of Alabama oversaw prison systems you after call well got done with you were in a federal prison and I'm guessing you have more than a passing familiarity with suicide watches in prisons well I've I've volunteered for suicide watch while I was in Oakdale federal prison let me say this it is it is taken very seriously by wardens the the worst things that can happen in a prison is the murder of a man bye bye guard or a suicide because it reflects poorly all the work and the diminishes their chances of promotion so they do everything possible to prevent a suicide at Oakdale which is rose and then the swamps of Louisiana there there is any glass eight the last well all of small glance well what they raise the mana platform with a mattress on that and she there is no overhead structure which could be used by the end date to hang himself there is no way for the NBA to hurt themselves without being observed for particular reasons one their guards watching twenty four hours a day three ships never never guards coming at every eight hours doing the the suicide cell in addition to that there are invited to serve as volunteers and outside of the glass structure now yet Oakdale I will choose reduce spending and suicide watch for a African American who was yeah I don't know whether it was a drug dealer or what you know what the situation was but let me say they take it very seriously if you say you are depressed they will put you in suicide watch so it it just stands to reason that if if the service them more go to this much effort to prevent a suicide but a and northern invite they would certainly do everything humanly possible regret Jeffrey abstain from committing suicide particularly that that he was just depressed it was reported that he tried to kill himself three weeks ago they're all gonna they're not going to ever take your eyes off from that man right but they did band and was apparently I mean the the day that he was arrested the FBI raided his home in New York City the largest private residence in the city which is pretty amazing and they the news reports were that they had found all kinds of photos and video tapes and and even old you know movies back in the days when I was you know eight millimeter movies on movies apparently of not just abstain having sex with us some of these young women but also some of his rich and powerful friends I'm assuming that those are now in the possession of the department of justice which is bill bars department which also ran the prison where I'm staying killed himself and then yesterday they raided his island now why did they wait until yesterday to rid the island the private island looking for more of this stuff and what do you think I mean I I I it amazes sounds paranoid but I remember I'm old enough to remember if J. Edgar Hoover who used to get this kind of information on people they would you know be a pictures of John Kennedy having sex with somebody or sneaking into someplace I mean he had dirt on probably half the politicians in the United States and even prosecute the money didn't link it to the press he used it to make sure that nobody ever challenged as power am I am I going off in some weird paranoid direction here government governor I don't think you could possibly go often in it in a weird direction when it comes to the question though Jeffrey abstains I was very alleged suicide it is and this is just my opinion doc he committed suicide it had to have been done with the complicity of show more on in the present system they decided that they were going to take their eyes off of him it is not protocol and put him in a cell that's got some kind of overhead structure from which you could hang himself well it is if it's just totally an anathema to what the the policy and rules of the department of justice and the federal bureau of prisons required to someone who has understood who has attempted to kill take your own life so so there is a break down it's hard to believe imagine or fathom that something like this would happen by accident but I've never had all but you're paranoid that think that any you know if you're going to preserve evidence you do at the moment that you you make the arrest that the judges already geared up yes he has yeah he's authorized the search and the seizure of dot any and all documents any can shape form or fashion all of that stuff should have been seized yeah at the time of his at the time this is a rush yeah I mean this this thing and with is from private island is is starting to look to me like a clean up operation but again I I I don't know what we know where we leave reality I mean I I eat you when bill Barr came out and lied to the American people repeatedly about what was in the mall report and we all took him seriously I'm out I remember the day after he he first told us lies about what was in the mall or port I came on the air and said well you know I guess we all been hold our breath for your for nothing you know this is a real bummer and it turned out the bill by was simply lying to us and and you know so I think that's one of the reasons why so many of us are willing to believe the possibility that there's more to this than we think but anyway with the with the it world will bill stop going down that rabbit hole I'm I'm curious I want to bulldoze bill Barr string just a little better if you don't mind unravel something that's going to relate back to if you can believe it to one the suffrage but there bill Barr was appointed to replace Jeffrey bow regards sessions as an assembler now about I'm a white boy if you'll excuse the expression right Sam what I do and someone if done battle with from the time I was secretary of state nineteen seventy that throughout my political career someone who was contemplating running against may in two thousand and six and F. B. I. X. FBI agents retired FBI agents were the ones who built the case against me but that's that's another story but if you look at hello bill bart look at health Billboard ended up where it was already James Comey eight fired Andrew McKinney they fired Sally Yates any hard Jeffries abordar sessions fire Jeffrey sessions Jeff sessions and then hired bill Barr if I were going to make your case that the department of justice can be used for political purposes I would put Donald Trump on the stand is my first witness second the second person I would put on the stand would be called because then I would fall in his involvement in my case at the the one of the woman who reporter the cover off of call rose involvement with the department of justice to mac as was dated you're all Sampson what about local heroes because I didn't know were never it better all she was a Republican lawyer she was involved in Republican politics you as high up in the Republican establishment in Alabama she was in law school with the governors of Republican governors sudden and yet she came forward pointing the finger at call row saying she was on the telephone call with daily Canary the husband of my prosecutor one bill it can very said that he had spoken to call and the department of justice was already pursuing may and besides that his wife and another US attorney we're going to take care of me he was also a champagne manager of your opponent in the election was enough yeah yeah it was okay hello I governor we just have a minute and a half before we're gonna have a heart breaker well the let me make a pit your credentials option she has suffered a lot because of what coming forward the Republicans have cut ties with her law practice is gone into the tank she now has cancer and she has a go fund me page is just dying to jail Simpson and I would encourage those who want to support of fine woman do was a whistleblower and took a lot of heat for being a Republican who came forward and back a smirk you go find your own go and may yet and help her out if you can I will do that today I will make a contribution so in the in the minute we have left what what's your prescription for clean all this up governor sigma elected president who who understands that that and I would be my message to Democrats that and we can follow up on this after the after the verdict but Democrats need to stop talking about Donald Trump and start talking about the issues that are important to the working families of this country they don't go to sleep at night working families don't go to sleep at night worrying about Donald Trump they go to sleep at night worrying about your children their future and their parents going to afford a place to live their drugs in their food so we need a president in two thousand and twenty you will speak to the American people who speaks to the working people so.

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