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Song. Deebo Samuel one way at Emmanuel Sanders the other way to get an electric offensive line with Raheem most or behind it, right and he had a great great fullback. Let's not forget about Kyle use check in a great defense by a defensive coordinator who is now head coach of the New York Jets. That's the biggest reason why the 49ers in that getting to begin with the problem is is can the Patriots build the rest of the Ross or on defense and offense bound to be the quarterback. That is Jimmy Garoppolo. That is four cousins. That is that level of a pastor that isn't somebody that is going to really do something on his own. So to go back to what you said before right about how the Patriots have all these assets and they can go they can go get themselves in Allen Robinson if they want Hunter Henry potentially all this right away if you are going to do that. Is it Matt Jones the kind of quarterback you need isn't it worth it at that point to draft the Mac Jones and save those draft assets and build up your future and get guys behind all those players you sign so you can keep it going once those guys page out. The question is is which one would you rather? Would you rather have the quarterback that the All-Pro quarterback All-Pro caliber quarterback. I should say in terms of talent physical talent that you can then I use your mid round picks go use your cap space to add the guys around him or would you rather have like what you're suggesting a more complete draft? All right where everybody is sort of fitting in that plays and you keep all your pics and you're able to do all those things. That's I think a very good question. I want to get into this breaking news right now because we all about the bills and the Chiefs like Thursday. We do we pick the line is that over I didn't want to talk about it. I want to talk with that that out. Their Chiefs are going to the Superbowl. I think they're going to win that game, Philadelphia p Eagles we were going to talk about Josh McDaniels candidacy with the eagles. They have decided to hire Colts offensive coordinator. Nick, sir, sir, Romanian. I think it is. I've never heard that name for now. So I was hoping you knew it. I think if this makes all the sense in the world, I think it's actually hilarious in a lot of ways that the the Eagles cannot quit the Andy Reid coaching tree wage. Quit they can't quit it. So any read of course goes to Doug Peterson then from Doug Peterson, it goes to a Frank Reich disciple and experience. I can't say it took the offensive coordinator. That is really where we're at right now. Josh McDaniels riady. There you go. See reality. That's not that hard not going to Josh McDaniels will not be the next coach of the Eagles. What is the deal with Josh McDaniels? I know you're not as eye on them as I am. So why does nobody have any interest in this guy? Also, I do think it is interesting, but the Eagles went with Joe. It's Ronnie and instead of Vietnamese food on Siri like your phone by morning. This is why you should be hosted Sirianni that I think it is funny that they went with him instead of Andy Reid's guy and Eric Bana me. They went with Frank Reich Sky instead continuing a long line of offensive-minded coaches in Philadelphia. They are never going to hire a defensive coach as long as the owner of the Eagles, but.

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