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Just like jumping through the air. And stabbing him. Maybe they'll maybe in the next episode. They'll be like, oh, here's how she did that it made sense. But like she is she's in assassin. She spent a season. Hell, yeah. Really what I was really happy. 'cause I love aria. And I always wanted the night came to die wanted somebody to kill him and have the entire army fall like new that's how you kill him. But they also established that there's the Nike the whites and the white walkers the white walkers are like sort of better than just like straight up zombies. But not quite the king. They're the ones that exploded when he died. Yeah. Like, they those are bosses too. Like, they should have had the other heroes fight the bosses, and like if you kill one of those things you kill not all of the army, but a portion of it, and it's just weird to like have all of the heroes of your story. Who have like who you've you're so invested in everybody is like I don't want these people to die. I don't want these people to die and then have them in the battle. And like the only challenge they face is just like a volume game zombies. Jamie on the castle stab step. He doesn't have a moment. Where it's like oh shit. Now, you have to face a boss or you and Brienne have to take down a white Walker even dinners John like their dragons. There was no like real is. There was a dragon fight. But there wasn't no like to see there's. Yeah. There's no her roic moment where they where he like saved people or did anything. Impressive. I just feel like if you spend eight seasons growing to love all of these characters you have to give them a more. Interesting moment that them disappear into darkness zombies for an entire episode only to have all of it on done with just one person stabbing the guy in the gut. Yeah. Did everyone know that? Are you did it or they're like, well, what just happened unplugged all of them? I think I think everybody knew that that was like the way to kill the white walkers. It's also that's what a insane weak link that like all right? This is our whole army, and if anything happens to this one guy everyone's dead. So let's all just make sure that nothing knows ever jumping out of the air at him. Yeah. Don't worry else stand here while you talk to this kid in a wheelchair. This one's also really small. But I thought the who is like such as a really cool character arc when he liked turns. And it's like and brands like your good, man. It's like this is last stand. He just runs it with a spear. Killed yet. Right. At least have like John to a fight right wide stance. Boy lad for your life. Just ri- do somethings run at him with a spear. So he had a different plan than aria had a different plan in the army. It seemed like everyone was just sort of operating their own agenda. Right. I think that was another thing that I really didn't. Like, Jon snow is supposed to be the leader of all these people and their plan is just really bad all of the horse people. Go charge into the darkness. Okay. They die instant I enter next. And theoretically, they turned into these. And then we're just gonna have a I don't know. I guess a little trench that needs to be he's fighting or style against a dragon. Was it will point does he yell at the dragon? What was he trying to do to the dragon fire them was couldn't get by? So then like finally stood up and just screamed at it. To that word, everyone just died. Holy shit. John running it because I think I did it all to do scream at the dragon. Are you step tonight king? Really? Yeah. I was as a high. There's only one way to kill the Nike. I guess are you had the sore? I will happen at the same time as I screamed at the drag..

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