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Deep substance addiction goers actor businessman and restaurant owner Jenny trail will be addressing all this telling his own story of overcoming connection at the California community open your top friends it's in Anaheim tomorrow but before that he sticks with us here on in depth so when you go to talk to people what happens because being Danny trail probably gets in the door and gets the initial reaction right the like well this guy's right in front of me but is it a pretty quick thing where they realize that you know you know what you're talking about and this is on a different level well the good thing about about this celebrity bit is that until the late I get their attention right away and and them well the minute they start hearing my story I think they know they realize it yeah he knows what he's talking about you and and I've been there I've I've a row dead tree in all we do San Quentin state prison and and and so it's like a this is what happened you is that what happened what used to be what happened and what it's like now you know and and when people hear that they go well with I have a chance I think all the only thing that anybody is clean and sober has to offer hope to somebody that that can't seem to get a grasp on an engine this Danny is I I think where you you do provide people with with a lot of of inspiration because you you go from the west twenty four twenty five year old Danny who was an addict and who was in in prison you end up in our a very successful career in show business and then you you did something more amazing than being able to get into show business they got into doughnuts you know what actually everything good is happened to me it happened as a direct result of help with someone else my agent Gloria had a a low budget movie that few well this is kind of a a good a good thing let's see you do me a favor really it it's a low budget they're not gonna make your rate nice is will what we can do well they going to give you a sandwich and a but using visual okay let's do it you know and and we did a movie called bad **** and and it was I love the director Craig moss is awesome and then the the the the producers ash all you he was just great and and so he knows that I live good food you know I won't I won't eat fast food and and up and up he said they wanted to start a restaurant jokingly like I thought I thought if you'll be nice is trail struggles because me and my mom was talked about starting a restaurant right in my dad in the Archie bunker the fifties you know the minute we talked about my mom working he would a I got a kitchen right there you go because in the fifties alike men women did not work yeah they weren't there and in fact my dental five brothers and if your wife work then when all the brothers would get together they would say you know you catch it you're a what you want to be always hold on they could have a very the fuel so your home or via the cartels will serve from tacos to donuts so we started this restaurant and then when the when the building that they they did a movie called tangerine right on that building when that came available again ash you know was who's brilliant isn't your dad your mother Dona business and as I like doughnuts so might as well so we started the donor and doing really well anybody the goals of the pineapple fritters I'm telling you if you eat more than two you will be re have there are people who are very happy that you have the restaurants so thanks for starting them the show business and how you got started in that but you still remain I mean you don't act like a movie star and that's when people meet you that's one of the first things they say how has it not gone to your head because we can both you know think of funny people whereas I gotta I gotta say that my friend when I first got into this in the bunker Eddie bunker passed away great writer unbelievable writer in the he said Danny the whole world to think you're a movie star but you can't and this is what it's all about and he took me we were with a movie star right needs now watch and the movie star was there blah blah blah and then he walked away and when he walked away everybody's terriers guys your call one to killing me and and and so I thought I get it you know is a is a wait a minute this like this thing is my job its exact same isn't as a disk jockey up house painter our driver of it didn't matter it is my job this is what I do but did you did what's the attraction of show business for you acting because it allowed you to get out of yourself to to assume another identity will raise the money the money that's on I did run away train rides a movie really training yeah I mean do you know and and and is what I gotta say card everything and they were going to pay me three twenty a day so wall unit for and I started every day I will provide a we can have three twenty three twenty three twenty three when I got my chance their numbers were way different than mine and I enjoyed them run into my car and it eases were you born the cashier's check the screwed up only got a meal panel deal you know tea and then right right into a phone to be an actor is it and put in the book but this one in the end you can you you get to play these different characters and it's so funny when when when when a director will say you know just can you do you do you can you have five economy well I'll give it a shot in a repair just in California does that does that though sometimes were you if a character you're playing maybe is a little too close to hello at least you used to be a lot of Ammar but did you go to remember is that I can there's there's a there's two kinds of people in the world okay there's there's the the people that want to make a difference and the ones that are taking up space so when I get into that character I think I'm the guy this taking up space you know and I I hope I want to get out of that as soon as I can because I want to be the kind of person that makes a difference all the time so the and at the director can you mention because I we got into this big I love doing a movie with Mickey Rourke stabbing penalty killing people and then immediately after I started playing my kids you know just and I jump out of that immediately I don't but I can't stand people in I mean character yeah well you're about to give yes.

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