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WACHNER LUFF and Walker and Roy and the Peterson these guys come in with Anderson Dolan and playing hard to play for the kings and they want to succeed. They want to help us get to that next level. You'll get to see more this year. It's going to be a lot of fun but I don't WanNa share too much because the guys are coming <hes> before I introduce rob. I don't know if you guys happen to drive by Burbank thank but we refurbished a whole pickwick arena this year. It's really beautiful. It's going to be around for many more years. Not that was the cue want to keep it open and we think it's going to help develop. The Games and skaters and little girls can skate girls to play hockey and boys can play hockey and we're really excited about so if you it happened to drive. I'd say it's really cool. You've done a really good job. The other thing is arterial. Rain will host the All Star game this year on January twenty seven so it'd be a lot of fun to see and that's it so I'll be sitting here listening to and we'll take some question after so introduce you guys hall of fame. You Rob Blake cards here the guys welcome. Thanks for coming on a holiday weekend on Friday. That's good commitment right now. We appreciate it looks. We're going to walk through some things. We want to be as transparent as possible. Let you understand what are what the vision is and how we're we're going to create this team and and so you know. I think the best way is to get right into it and we're going to have a little slide presentation. We'll talk through some <hes> some of the episodes and some of the things thanks here for tonight so obviously the job my job here is to build a contender and whether that be in the prisoner in the future and every decision must must be made with that vision in mind and you know we. We've been focused on this past three years <hes> we we knew what we had and the direction we wanted to go. We wanted to protect our picks. Protect our prospects but we want allow this team every every chance to remain competitive ahead shown us over the years. They Donald back from all three deficits. They won Stanley Cups. We want to remain that but we're also very focused on protecting our picks protecting our prospects when we're not competitive spirit that competitive level drop last year and the drop to unaccessible unacceptable level. We knew we had to speed up the process and that's why we're in here in front of you tonight and a lot of you. Kinda understood some of the moves last year but at the end of the day we need to fully embrace building a contender for the future and we need your help doing that and we all got to be on the same page but it's time to do that and that's what we want to unveil tonight. We want to lead you down the path a little bit and show you some of the things we have planned. We understand that the issues they're big. They're challenging and and we can't do it alone. There's not one departments not development development. It's not scouting. It's not coaching has to all work together. We integrate all our departments to to allow this vision to come through. We we want to build a contending team around the corner or cornerstone pieces that we have in place and these guys have a history of winning the Copa Tars the doughty's the browns sounds of they've won before they took the team. They built it up. They won the championship now. It's their time to give that leadership back provide that for the for the younger players in the I Andersen Dolan's into Wagner's and the Lawson and so on that are coming through the organization so so we expect them to lead this group you know a team. The definition is a stable table abounded group of individuals. We weren't stable last year. It was it was up and down. Players were in and out so a main focus. This season is is to be stable and to be abounded group of individuals and Independent on achieving shared goal or outcome and this is an important thing independent and trying to get better every day you take your own play on.

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