Congress, Russia, Donald Trump discussed on Pat Walsh


Richard cancer multiple sources confirmed to ABC news that an intelligence briefing to Congress last week warned that Russia is again meddling in U. S. elections trying to get president trump reelected sources also confirming the president was angered when he learned of the briefing opining that Democrats would use it against him ABC news contributor John Cohen former homeland security official says the president should not be mad at the intelligence community it is the responsibility of the intelligence community to provide the president and Congress accurate intelligence about threats facing states so that steps can be taken to counteract those threats and protect the country the president says he's not ready to act yet on a pardon for confidante Roger stone sentenced to forty months in prison for among other things lying to Congress the president says despite the forty month prison sentence the Roger stone case isn't over Roger has a very good chance of exoneration in my opinion the president addressing a graduating class of prison inmates in Las Vegas insisting the stone jury foreman was biased against stone and the president how can you have a person like this she was a anti trump activist judge planning a hearing to see if that's true Andy field ABC news campaigning in Colorado springs Mr trump also made clear his disdain for parasite the Korean language film that won Best Picture at the Oscars I'm looking for like let's just gone with the wind we get like gone with the wind back soon so many great movies is recalling two hundred twenty nine thousand twenty oh six through ten so donors and Serrano's from twenty oh seven through all nine water can get into the anti lock brake computer because a short circuit possibly start a fire kia has seven reports of fires with no injuries it.

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