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Welcome to the San Francisco. Chronicle's giants splash. PODCAST I'm your host for once not Henry Shulman it's me Susan's lesser Filling in while Henry is a much deserved vacation in well. John Shea is at the baseball General Manager meetings in Scottsdale and killing and I covered the Gabe Kappler press conference the introduction of the new giants manager a which was certainly an unusual press conference and you and I have attended many oppressor introducing a manager or a new player in new executive and this one Before you're GonNa Questions were even asked journal Manage Team President Farm on safety Address the allegations of dodgers players assault against an underage girl and also another woman That occurred while he and gave copper. We're both with the dodgers. Kappler was in charge of the the dodgers minor league system. At the time you have written about this topic COUPLE OF TIMES A. You're obviously writing about it again. And you asked asked numerous questions during the press conference about it What's your takeaway from the way the giants handle this today? And how surprised were you first with the press conference and and really just with the with the hiring altogether given this what we know about these incidents. Well I I gotta say. I'm a little surprised at the higher We've been hearing Gabe Kaplan. It was named for weeks now as soon as he got fired from the phillies even maybe even before he got fired when his his fate was kinda hanging in the balance because everyone knew he had a relationship ship with far Han but because these allegations which surfaced last February even they took place in two thousand fifteen but they really came to light late last February in a couple of different national publications and We you know I think given the difficulties. The giants silence have had with not only their on field performance but some of the off field issues surrounding Larry Baer surrounding the majority owner. Charles Johnson Just the fact that they're lose. They've lost a chunk of their fan base. People have gotten very disillusioned with the team and it just seemed like an odd time to hire a guy who comes with a lot of baggage and a lot of Highly sensitive baggage of issues that That are or not very palatable to people regarding sexual assault and how it was handled which speaks to his decision making to be quite frank. It's not just that these things took place but it was was did he make the right decisions And and then you add on top of it the fact that he was a major league manager and not a very good one and in had to really underachieving seasons in Philadelphia and There were other candidates and so I am surprised that they hired him and then again. I am surprised I'm not surprised by the tenor of the press conference. Because you knew it was going to be like this. You knew when far Hawn had a conference call last night you knew. When he went on the radio this morning you knew when he opened the press conference with remarks addressing what happened in the dodgers Farm system for years ago Still it was a hour long Interrogation really not a coronation Russian. And you know you've you grew up here in. You know the team you cover has had. It's not recently but has changed managers Alive in recent years. The giants have had such stability at that position. They've had four managers in thirty five years saying Roger Craig Dusty. St Baker Philippe illu the shortest tenure. With I think six years and then Bruce Bocce and and to have All this controversy following on the heels of all that goodwill that Bucci left behind is just. It's very odd it is. It was a strange press conference. I mean I guess you could argue that if Farhan is willing to make a higher under these circumstances knowing. There's going to be some uproar that they're going to be a lot of questions asked he's either very very convinced. This is the right guy for the job Even more so than he might have been for anyone else because he knew this was coming and it can't be an easy position to be in And and you would hope extremely convinced that the things he's saying. I E that he thought that Kappler Handled that as well has he could have at the time now. They've both said. They wished they had handled things differently. In retrospect they wish they had consulted with outside experts. They I wish they had been more supportive of the victims Kappler you have criticized him for trying to set up sort of a meeting between the alleged inch perpetrator and the underage victim. Who at the time? Kappler did not know that there was any allegation of sexual assault that was later she had allegedly at that time been assaulted by another woman and it was filmed by dodgers player. That was So to make that clear at the time that was his working knowledge but he did try to mediate a session between them which he spent and he really kind of said today that that was Non Yeah not. That was not really what he should have. I've been doing so I think he's learned a lot from it and clearly not just far Han but the rest of the giants brass are convinced that lessons were learned. And that's enough and I guess they feel like the incident Get something that. They're willing to overlook the wrong word. But certainly it's not enough to have kept them from hiring well and the the thing that you know more and more has come to light during this process. Is They have to overlook it or else. They have to hold far haunt accountable accountable too because Farhan was also a decision maker in that process with the dodgers. He was one of the guys that that Kappler reported up the chain to Oh and was also involved in not going to the police in punting it to the legal team in the legal team was basically You know duck and cover hover was their strategy and and you know they didn't inform authorities and and so You know I think that it's weird. It makes a a weird bond Between Kappler and far Han that they had each other's back back then when they had to make this they they were making. What many would consider the wrong decisions? And now they're going to be decision makers here with the giants and sure so. I'm sure there's trust between the two some of them and learning processes between the two of them. But I don't know how well that's GonNa be viewed from the outside like. Can you trust their decision making together. I also also You know and you and I have. We're we're both women. Obviously we've both been working in this business for about the same amount of time which is a hell of a long time and you know I just. It's just kind of familiar scenario. You know you. When when incidents of domestic violence or sexual assault happen they dr trivialized or overlooked or kind of swept away when they happen then if they kinda resurface or someone's held accountable then there's a whole bunch chipper hand wringing and apologizing? You know talk about lessons learned and all of that and then everyone goes on with their business anyway. Like people aren't really held accountable. Well let's say in this case in one of the things that is a little bit different than some of these others was an far. Home was very clear about this and emphasized at numerous times. There was no effort certainly by Kappler to cover anything up. You know what I went up the chain. He has not denied anything Certainly anywhere along the line So the fact that there wasn't any purported cover up or anything like that Maybe it was just massive massive naievety. Yeah perhaps and it feels that way it feels like naievety and which is weird because it was four years ago. We're we're not talking about like nineteen sixty five or even nineteen ninety-two. We're talking about a world in which Ray Rice had just you know been caught on video a year earlier punching punching his his fiancee. I mean we we. It's not like this happened in in the dark ages and so sometimes when I I appreciate people have saying lessons learned and we're going to be better and do better but it's like really. That was not very long ago and they were grown men making decisions about this at the time and it just felt like they were protecting you know the players. which are you know? 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