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Tom Shane engagement rings with a classic look will never go out of style classic brings have clean lines that give them a simple elegance Shane company as the state's largest selection of exclusive engagement rings and every price range whether classic or contemporary choose a unique yet timeless ring in platinum fourteen karat white gold yellow gold or our signature shade of rose gold the simplicity of the classic design will make your center stone look larger than life select from thousands of hand picked natural diamonds rubies or sapphires we have them in every shape from traditional round or oval to trending emerald cut and pear shape with our direct sourcing you'll get the most beautiful engagement ring with a breathtaking center stone at the best price in town now you have a friend in the diamond business Shane company and Shane co dot com hello I'm I couldn't tell the inventor my pillow and like all of you out there I have problems sleeping pills would go flat I would flip flop all night long I would wake up with a sore neck maybe a headache or feel like I need a nap even though I slept eight hours when I've been in my pillow I wanted to to where you can move the patent Phil to give you the exact support you need is an individual regardless of sleep position my pillow will get you into that deep sleep faster and you will stay there longer it's not about how much time we spend about it's about how much of that quality sleeper yet I do all my own manufacturing right here in the United States I have a.

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