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Where Seattle is located as implementing Covid 19 vaccine and testing requirements for indoor dining, large outdoor events and other activities. House Committee, which is tasked with looking into the January 6th attack on the capital, is expanding its investigation in light of revelations. From an upcoming book. In a statement, The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th attack on the capital announced it will be investigating and reviewing actions that joint chiefs of Staff chairman Mark Milley, another Pentagon officials took before during and after the insurrection. The statement comes after details from the upcoming book Peril were released earlier this week that shed light on millions reported actions, according to the book, Millie secretly assured China That the US wouldn't launch military strikes against them without alerting them. First. Catherine Folders ABC NEWS Washington Police in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, make an arrest in a cold case, Miguel Salguero Oliveras is accused in the rape and murder of a college student. More than 220. DNA samples were analyzed. You're listening to ABC news news radio 6 10 W. T V. N. George Billy Wagner, the third in a courtroom today, told by a judge the death penalty is still on the table in his case, even after his wife, Angela, and one of his sons, Jake, both pled guilty to several charges as part of an agreement with prosecutors not to pursue the death penalty for the 2016 killings of eight people. It was hard enough to get them back in the buildings. The ongoing pandemic, But now some schools around Ohio being vandalized. Due to a trend on Tiktok School board member from Pickering to schools posted on Facebook last night, showing damage to some of the bathrooms inside of Ridgeview, junior high seas, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers destroyed in the post, he says. This type of destruction will not be tolerated and they'll prosecute the students who are involved. ABC SIXES Sierra Lucas, the market heating up for fake vaccination cards. U. S Customs and Border Protection officers have seized over 1600 fake cards and over 2000 fake fighters seals in the past month at the port of Cincinnati alone, Creating or buying a fake vaccination card is illegal in those convicted can be subject to fines and jail time. The ongoing pandemic still forcing event venues to follow health and safety protocols. The nationwide arena, announcing concerts will see cashless entry increased sensitization, and you must have a face mask on When you enter, you need to wear a mask. But if you are drinking or eating, just like you would at any restaurant at that point in time, you don't have to wear a mask. Meanwhile, the Ohio Department of Health reported over 10,000 new cases among K through 12 school students and staff. So far more than 98% of Ohio. School districts.

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