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For the salaries insurance for for the cell is and its insurance for the auction houses so they're not on the hook they don't take any risk anymore sick in the case of the leonardo have this guarantee for one hundred million dollars and then it sold for multiple times that what happens to the person had put up that potential one hundred million dollars a lot of money yes so many money this is really a multination yes so all the details of these deals and very secretive confidant says will never going to find out exactly what happened but usually the guarantor for taking on the risk to initial shell railway and offering this money in a two give the seller they nobody else visited by the work and so that said but if no but if that in the case of leonard of those this huge upset because the bidding went for nineteen minutes rate longo thirty affected no times and and so the hamma price was four hundred million dollars rate sedan the fifty million extra world said's 451 had that's commissioned that chris discharges the hammer price four hundred million the guarantee one hundred million so you had three hundred million of the upside that is shared between the seller christie's and the guarantor final question is the painting real how can a can of worms we you know i mean it is atlanta nardo and it's a very heavily restored leonardo yes but it is leonardo and in this case it almost took to vote on this didn't matter how good or bad it was it's like somebody compared it to buying air rights you know you buy rights on the leonardo and that's it and we saw all those thousands of people who came to see well now they're going to fly travelled out the obstacles sale people joking at the time the paint still dry right so it is it is it in granted or now two you're listening to bring back businessweek coming up the magazine's opening remarks on the hashtag mi2 movement this is bloomberg.

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