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I'll tell you what I think the plan right now is kind of a three headed attack or something I compared to kind of like Chicago last year, right? Like freemans Howard, and then you have Lindsey, maybe in the Torri Cohen role and then Cunningham. I'm still devante Booker just being irritating and coming in and stealing. Targeting. Keep in mind. Lindsey and Royce Freeman were tied and carries in this game. Lindsay was third in pass routes in that group too. So he didn't get as much run as I thought he would in the passing game, which sometimes was a problem for Cohen last year. So I do have some concerns about them using three headed attack. When the defense they're facing, isn't as poor as as Seattle, obviously have some playmakers or some some holes as well. So I think there's some reasons for concern that there's won't be enough volume here, but he looks good. I mean, it looks like it could work its way into a two headed attack if they Facebook are out. So you gotta get him on your team. I just don't know if I feel great about starting him yet. I, I will say I would agree with that. I don't know that I feel great about starting him. Having said that, I don't think devante Booker that good. I one of the reasons I was so in on Royce Freeman coming into the season was like, look, devante Booker in that good. And once they get comfortable with the rookie Roy's Freeman booker's just going to go away. What I didn't realize was that, whereas devante Booker, isn't that good Phyllis, he actually is. And so I knew they liked him. I didn't know that they liked him this much, and so I think it's going to be matter of just comfort level with with two rookie. Running backs, but once they get comfortable there, then I think you'll see less Booker and I agree with you. I think Lindsay is a great person to have on your roster and maybe you're not using them except in a deeper PR league right now, but he will have a role going forward. One more running back here is Austin Ecker who had ten total touches on Sunday for the chargers. He had eighty seven receiving yards. A brilliant sideline, catch plus a receiving touchdown. We spent some time at charger training camp this summer, and one of the things that they made clear was they wanted to get Austin Eker more involved in the offense. Not at the expense of Melvin Gordon who, oh, by the way over one hundred receiving yards and ran the football effectively himself in week one. But perhaps you know, in addition to Melvin Gordon on the field the same time, and we certainly saw that that to me is a name that needs to be rostered one hundred percent of leaks. We ask you a quick reset. If you had you take these four in that order. My order would be as such Yeldan Jones. Lindsay actor any disagreement from other one of you. I have a different order. What are you. Yeah, I would say Lindsay Jones Yeldan echo or just because I'm looking more long-term if I really need a guy this week, like Yellen like, I'm I'm in trouble. I have for net maybe then maybe at Yeldan goes to the top. And if I'm thinking long term, I'm going another direction. Yeah, honestly, I would agree with with with Mike, if I if I if I don't need anyone this week, I'm just looking long-term. Look, I love Aaron Jones, right? But if I'm looking sort of like both, I may need to use them this week unless you all long-term, I'll put Lindsay number one. And then I'd I'd mentioned Nahim Hines, look, I don't think the colts can block anyone. I don't think they'd be able to run between the tackles. I don't think it'd be will stop anyone. I honestly think Andrew luck is going to average between forty and fifty passes a game and so-. Hines who is locked into that sort of passing done. We'll see what happens when Marlin MAC comes back, but I do think Hines is going to have a consistent role in an offense that isn't going to be able to traditionally run. So I would put him there to Yeldan Ecuador and then Aaron Jones. But again, if I'm just looking long term, I like Jones upside the most of. More waiver wire pickups right after this..

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