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Associates they didn't seem to think that Greg pull the murders off by himself so they kept searching for his accomplice and one prime candidate was Dave Anderson one of the few men who bunk with Becky and Greg in their house on the trailer park twenty one year old Dave Anderson First appears in the investigative files in early October nineteen ninety eight when investigators pulled his criminal record Anderson who was one of Greg. Construction workers had a number of charges on his record at the time for public intoxication drug Russian and delivery and breaking and entering no violent crimes and perhaps nothing that made him a likely perp in a brutal double homicide but they still had a reason to be suspicious of him that's because Anderson owned a nineteen ninety-four squat red four door Nissan Sentra with Humphrey County tags a car that seemed to match exact description of the vehicle Joe Brown saw on August second at the Herron farm the day he discovered those gas cans now when investigators returned to the Ford Mobile Home Park to speak with Sherry a second time they got permission from the estate's executors to search it there's an official type report by Fire Marshal Gentry which notes so there was an abandoned car the property and Sherry asked if they would have a toad the official report which was written many months for the day visit doesn't say whose car it was the record also contains separate handwritten notes dated the same day and those handwritten notes read quote vehicle David M Anderson abandoned at Chestnut village office owner requested us to move it Dave had practiced cars pam in August and he left it under a tarp at the Ford Mobile Home Park which had it's also been known as Chestnut village the official typed report also states that they seize various pieces of potential evidence including green cord hanging from a tree eh an army smoke grenade which by the way doesn't appear at all in the handwritten inventory taken that same day and variety of notebooks and on the day the day they towed away David Anderson car from the trailer Park Sherry also gave him some documents she'd found on the property the report States the manager gave me some paper she found inside the house they live in now she said the papers belong to Dave Anderson a friend of Lance Anderson had a notebook he was keeping inside the notebook was a short story of murder but he was trying to write it read came through the door has hot on thrown on the floor the Roma silent he was too big violent he was packing a gun beside him venting a clock ticking he found himself thinking he saw has war instability he knew no one would dare try testing so he ran the show so he called the cause because of his invisibility and because he knew when the cops arrived he took no hostages he found his way there like a phantom right before his death he thought life is not about living or dying he said it was what you did and how high you were flying and thinking about what violence sanity insanity and before he pulled his trigger he restrained thinking do I really want to do this. And he pushed a hero follow through with an attempt to overthrow his reign of terror but the gun holder kept has take as a fool and right before he pulled the trigger he thought what if I hadn't had the gun would if I had been got and was buried alive and my body had rotted when what I be in the Greater Heaven Hell in between maybe a multimillionaire on the movie screen and when he stopped thinking he pulled the trigger the hero after him never never and never figured he would do it but he did and the man that was there he got rid when you found no more heroes or in the crowd he found his power strength and invisibility Whether this piece of creative writing poetry or prose is debatable but it was certainly alarming to share in the investigators so Anderson's car was seized inventoried and you would think it would be processed by the crime lab but there isn't any evidence suggesting that it was now they're missing lab reports order as be discussing the last episode there was nothing of evidentiary value inside Anderson's car there had been it would have been presented at trial and it wasn't the car itself however was the big injury find not only because it matched Joe Brown's district into the car that you saw at the Herron farm and August second but also because it just so happened on David Greg wise with a stroke of terrible luck driving Dave Anderson's little red car for life revolves around thinking about crime and it's important too because you know on average a burglary happens every twenty three seconds in the United States that's an FBI statistics in fact out of every thousand homes were burglarized and twenty seventeen that's crazy but here's what's crazier only one in five homes has actual home security and that's probably because companies he's really don't make it easy in the past and other homes that we've had we've tried to get home security systems and honestly it's been tough because you get locked into contracts and is not cheap and if you ran especially it's hard to have security for a couple years that's why simply safe is our top choice hands down I contract hidden fees or fine print and buffet for tax every door window and room with twenty four seven professional monitoring it's also a ton of awards from seen at the New York Times wire cutter it's prices are always fair and honest and around the clock monitoring is just fifteen dollars a month I think one thing that truly makes simplisafe standout is there video verification technology because what happens is when other home security systems are triggered lot of times police assume it's a false alarm and the call goes to the bottom of the list but that doesn't happen with simplisafe because of the video verification technology they're able to visually confirm room that a break in is happening they can see it so that allows the police to get to the scene three point five times faster than any other home security companies and for our listeners we'll say for a huge deal going on right now go to SIMPLISAFE UNDISCLOSED DOT COM and get free shipping and a money back guarantee that simplisafe undisclosed dot com today it safe undisclosed DOT COM the weekend of August first and second Greg National Guard duty on both Saturday and today but he wasn't in the guard alone eric ten Dave Anderson were also enrolled in the guard and in fact that was how greg met them and began working with him on the day in question August second they left in the Ford Mobile Home Park in two cars Greg drew was green truck and Eric and Dave were in the Red Nissan this according to this September twenty interview Keith Herbstreet gaped agent crop sick just refresh your memory this is one of many interviews we discussed and last week's episode he gave after meeting crops ticket a waffle house earlier in this interview he says Greg left that morning in his green truck when you returned he was driving Dave's car they had vehicles because Greg was driving the car and the boys were driving the green trucks Keith? He didn't see Eric and Dave returned the trailer park with a truck into the next day Monday August third but crops it presses him that maybe it was Sunday that he saw them and he relents saying yes maybe it was Sunday evening whenever it was they returned there was a small trailer attached to the truck Greg said returned to the house alone in Dave's Redcar on Sunday afternoon around one PM digressive again crossick yes Keith but didn't know how long he was gone after he left again because Keith went fishing with K.. When did eric and Dave show up again Ashcroft sick the next time you saw them was when he returned from fishing natty evening Keith response now fully committing to having seen them in return on Sunday night and not on Monday the trailer Q.. Seats the interview was full of Eric's personal possession Greg Toll Keith earlier in the week that they would be swapping cars Eric could borrow greg struck to move something belongings Keith rambles for a bit trying to to get the sequence of events straight or maybe trying to give crops that what he was asking but importantly when he's asked me left to go fishing he says quote probably shortly after K. got off Mark Courtney case time cars for work that day she clocked out at two or three PM so unless he stopped somewhere else she would have arrived at the trailer Park Within rep times the Greg left the trailer park after he departed for fishing and he didn't see Greg for the rest of the day and of course Keith having left to go fishing couldn't have possibly witness Greg leaving the trailer park at all and he probably didn't see Greg for the rest of the day because didn't actually return that same day he gets mixed up again on whether he saw Eric Dave with Greg's truck that evening or the next day but the mix up seems more in response to cross the him to have come back the same day leaving keeps responses confused now remember Keith's girlfriend Kay was with him the day he gave the statement they had met crossing together at the waffle house and then had gone together to the police station when KS interviewed after Keith she operates what he recalled of August second that she'd gotten off of work and gone to the trailer park in order to go fishing with Keith when she arrived there she saw Dave's redcar and notice becky putting plastic bag on a rear window because it wouldn't close properly greg was outside as well across the S K were they getting ready to leave or something and she responds yes but like Keith. She doesn't know where or when they left according to k they were the same day before it got dark and that's when she saw eric and Dave they are with Greg's truck but she contradicts herself a bit she says Keith and her went home but her list there's pretty much no question that Greg didn't fact have days Rodney Song on the day that the red car was allegedly seen at the Herron farm not only because is Keith k agree on that but also because their notes and Greg's Attorney's files that stay the same thing the handwritten notes dated may third two thousand five months before L. and start at the top by stating that the attorney saw the defendant in jail beneath that are details that Greg gives his lawyer for his actions on the weekend August first and second of Nineteen Ninety eight on Sunday August second according to Greg He loved for National Guard duty at six fifteen. AM arriving on duty at seventy M he drove his Ford Ranger truck with a trailer attached with the comment quote Eric and David to move they were let out of guard duty at ten thirty am to attend and uh-huh Card Picnic and that was attended by everybody including Dave and Eric he left the picnic at around noon and Dave's car noting he made a call from his cell phone at twelve oh wait and returned to the trailer park that call according to the records actually was made at twelve five and just lasted a few minutes Greg saw Keith and k the trailer doc in at some point they love to go fishing he says he may have been gone to Lowe's to do some shopping and Eric and Dave returned after picking up Eric's things day but still on the day Joe Brown saw a red car at the Herron farm after hearing gunfire and discovering mysterious gas cans three days before the cosmic house were murdered Greg Lands himself admits that he was driving around alone in a red car with Humphrey County tags with much of his afternoon unaccounted for Michael of Greg's movements in the relevant time period from Sunday August second to at least the following weekend they subpoenaed his cell and home phone records check this National Guard attendants interviewed as many witnesses they could find and then they got a phone call to film somewhere blanks regarding where Greg wise and what he was up to that week previously Hobson and worked as a police department communications officer and was a certified jailer having passed the county certifications having a background in law becky's name and phone number as an alternate contact the made it clear that no one else can put his employees were authorized to access the unit the unit was small only fifty square feet according to the lease agreement but big enough to store the kinds of things the investigators were concerned with gas cans and guns after finishing up the paperwork Mary took Greg.

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Greg, Dave Anderson, Eric Dave discussed on Undisclosed

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